Beach lounging or Running?

July has been a pretty hot and humid month so far and I am not complaining in the least. I welcome the hot weather during the summer months. Lord knows I will be knee-deep in snow sooner than I would like. The temperature was a moderate 25 C with a cool breeze today. The meteorologist on the weather network advised viewers to get outdoors today and enjoy the sun and breeze, because tomorrow is going to see the return of the hot, sticky stuff with a high of 32 C. A heat wave is on the way!

I don’t mind the humid, hot weather but not to exercise in. On scorching hot days I would much rather lounge on a beach or by a pool. Humidity makes me very lethargic and tired so all I can do is lay around and take it easy anyway. On a humid day you will only find me working out in the air-conditioned gym.

Taking the weather network’s advice, we got out to paradise beach for a run. I haven’t tried a beach run in about three years so I wasn’t too sure what to expect.  I certainly forgot how challenging it can be.  I know for sure my calves will be feeling it tomorrow. According to, running on the beach takes 1.6 times more energy than running on a hard surface. Sand and shoreline running (especially dry sand) provides much more resistance and strength than running on pavement or asphalt. Brian Clarke, a seasoned running coach, compares beach running to hill running.

Before hitting the shoreline and listening to the crashing waves, consider these tips:

  • Try running on wet sand before dry sand if you are a beginner to intense running. Wet sand is easier due to the flatter, compacted surface and provides less resistance.
  • Wear a light pair of running shoes. You don’t want any heavy foot wear to add to the sand resistance.
  • Barefoot running is the way I used to go when I was living in Mexico, but I opt for shoes here. The shores tend to be rocky, at times with broken glass. Make sure you know the area.
  • Pace yourself. If feeling winded or light-headed slow down or just walk. I managed under one mile, when I had to stop and walk before picking it up again. I forgot that this type of workout proves to be a great challenge. It will take time and consistency to work up stamina.

And of course, enjoy the scenery!



What do you enjoy most? Beach lounging or beach running?

Are you a fan of humidity?




Beach Running 101: 7 Tips For Running On Sand


15 thoughts on “Beach lounging or Running?

  1. Nobody loathes humidity more than me. Except for my hair, my hair super duper loathes it, my hair has a life of its own, and humidity makes it cray cray cray! Im not at the beach enough to remember to bring running shoes, so I lounge.

  2. I’m not a fan of running but like the idea of beach running. Love being near water. It would definitely be motivating. Where is Paradise Beach? It looks almost tropical.

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