UnBELIZEable Times

It has been a bit of a whirlwind over the past few weeks. The end of the school year is always busy. After my last day at work, I hopped on a plane (well two planes) to Belize. A beautiful little gem of a country between Mexico and Guatemala. The birthplace of my parents, we have a lot of family there. Not just spending time with them was wonderful, but the sights. The food. The Caribbean Sea. The heat. I love the heat. Now I’m back to reality with the aftermath of coming home from vacation. Throwing away food you forgot to eat before leaving that’s gone bad. (My whole grain loaf was covered in green) and the boatload of post vacation laundry.

I will refrain from rambling too much, but will let the photos speak for themselves. Belize has something for everyone. Adventure for the thrill-seeker , ancient ruins for history buff, and Cayes galore for the beach bum who simply wants to lie back in a hammock with a good book (and perhaps a Pina Colada in hand?) I also enjoyed my stroll through the city, imagining my grandfather as a young man in his heyday, working as a store clerk at Brodie’s department store. The old court house and museum are also found in the city. My dad spent many days at the old court house when he worked for the government.

Ancient Mayan ruins of Altun Ha:


Cave-tubing at  Jaguar Paw through cenotes and caves:



(Side  note: If in Belize and interested in cave tubing, be sure to contact Edna Cus in Jaguar Paw off the Western Highway. An informed, experienced guide who will provide you with a fun, safe adventure.)

Edna Cus and her business partner who will set you up with all your tubing rental needs:


Island-hopping galore. We went to Caye Caulker, although there are many other Cayes to visit. Islands so pretty even Leo Dicaprio had to buy himself a private oasis.




In and around Belize city:



Food glorious food. Main staples include, rice and beans, stewed chicken, fresh seafood, fresh fruits and masa (corn) to make tamales and other corn-based dishes.


tamales wrapped in banana leaf.


Take me back! I had a wonderful time of sand, sea and sun but one week was just not enough. On the plus side, I didn’t return to the snow and cold. That my friends would have been a terrible shock after being in the high 80’s for a week.

(If booking to Belize and live in a northern U.S or Canadian city, such as New York or Toronto, there are typically no direct flights. A layover in Miami or Houston is usually on the flight itinerary, the gateways to Latin America and The Caribbean.)

Important update! WestJet airlines now offers direct flights to Belize city from Toronto YYZ during the high season. Adventure is just ONE plane ride away.)

10 thoughts on “UnBELIZEable Times

  1. Wow! Some adventure holiday! Looks like you had a great time (not the slightest bit jealous)!

    And I see you rocked a bikini! Go girl!

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