Blogging 101 and Basic Human Anatomy

I will always remember my grade nine language arts teacher Mrs. Leibovitz. Her dreaded red pen was known to most pupils in the halls of the school. On your essay or research paper grammatical and spelling errors were circled in ruby red and underlined; the corrections noted in the margins. (Mrs. Leibovitz if you happen across this post I am still not sure how to use the semi colon correctly.)  A ruby red  reminder that you used “their” when you should have used “there.” Your grade, be it an A plus or a D, was always circled at the top righthand corner.

When my blog was in the early stages, I often did Google searches about the “no-no’s” of blogging. One blogging mistake was commonplace in every article. Proofread your posts. Nobody wants to read a post riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. These types of blogging mishaps were considered careless and lazy the tips stressed, sure to make you lose regular readers.

So I was diligent with my proofreading before clicking the publish link, looking out for those red underlined words, now made by spell check technology instead of Mrs. Leibovitz’s pen.  On the odd time, I would publish and then later discover I made a mistake after the fact. I sometimes go back and re-read my posts because I tend to find errors after publishing. I will read and re-read the draft, and find no flaws. Later if I happen to read the published product, I may find the odd typo or spelling error.

Well my friends I think I hit the error jackpot this past Monday. Not even Mrs. Leibovitz could help me with this wallop. I had been in a blogging slump, having a challenging time coming up with fresh, quality material. When I discovered that the Real Housewives of Orange County was premiering the new season that night I found my lost writing mojo . I could write a recap. One of my favourite topics to write about.  I know many people don’t find The Housewives franchise a quality post, but I disagree. I put my heart and soul into those recaps, often taking notes and banning my husband from talking to me during the show. I want to bring readers a detailed minute by minute recap of the juicy events that ensued on the episode. It takes a lot of time-consuming research. Just call me a housewifeologist.

Anyhow, back to my wallop of an error. One of characters on the show Meghan,  is undergoing IVF to become pregnant. Her husband froze his sperm. They will use these frozen swimmers to impregnate her. They have to try IVF because Meghan is having fertility issues, and her husband had a vasectomy a long time ago. Well, didn’t I write, “Jimmy TIED HIS TUBES when he decided he didn’t want any more children.”

To make matters worse, I discovered this moronic error, ahem oversight after publishing! I don’t know what I was thinking to write such an error. Obviously I wasn’t thinking. I do know basic male and female anatomy. When I checked my stats, I saw that about fifteen people had read the post. One of my sweet, sweet blogger friends read the post, but mentioned nothing in her comment. I am certain she saw it, but she is so kind and nice, she probably didn’t want to embarrass me.

Writing “to” when you meant “too” or missing an S in Mississippi is one thing, but this error! I’m sure Mrs. Leibovitz would have put a couple of red question marks over this mistake. Or, she would have convinced my biology teacher to fail me.

If you find any errors in this post, feel free to circle them in red.



8 thoughts on “Blogging 101 and Basic Human Anatomy

  1. I reread my posts after publishing them too. Somehow, that’s often when I catch the errant mistake.
    Kudos to you for noticing instead of someone else. I’m sure Mrs Leibowitz would have been proud that you learned to self-edit.
    Have a great day, T!

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