O.C Ladies End the Slump!

Hey everyone! Happy summer solstice.  Boy have I been in a blogging slump. I have just had no desire to write….until today. It’s all thanks to Andy Cohen.

I was sitting on my couch and feeling wiped out after a long day. After coming home from dinner with some work friends, I wanted nothing more than to channel hop and then fall asleep. Not even my current read seemed appealing. When what a serendipity to discover that it was the season premier of my favourite guilty pleasure (besides wine of course). It was the season premier of the O.C Housewives! If you’re thinking I feel a recap coming on, you are right.

The season started as it usually does. Catching up where we left off last season and showing tidbits of the ladies’ lives until the juicy parts at the end. Heather “fancy pants” Dubrow is still in the very busy throws of designing her opulent estate home. She is still complaining about Terry being an absentee parent and husband, leaving her to deal with all the house business and the child-rearing alone. Listen, girlfriend. You don’t come cheap. You have very expensive taste and like vacations, building palacial estates in which to live, four hundred-dollar T-shirts and buying vineyards. Heather my dear, these things are not free. Downsize, forget the castle with seven floors and then maybe Terry won’t have to work so hard to pay for all of this and can spend valuable family time at home.

Megan Edmonds is trying to get pregnant through I.V fertilization. Jimmy had a vasectomy a long time ago when he decided he didn’t want anymore children. That still didn’t stop him from freezing his sperm. I don’t quite understand getting a snip, snip and then freezing sperm. The freezing of the sperm implies that you still want or at least may consider having more children. Why go through the operation in the first place? Anyway, that’s just my take. As Megan talks about her thoughts and fears of starting the process of I.V.F, Jimmy seems more interested in the candles they are selling as a new business venture.

Lucky for Megan, her mom is interested in her and holds her hand through the painful and rather intrusive looking first procedure to get operation baby Edmonds on the go.

Shannon Beador wasn’t too exciting last night, albeit still a bit crazy in the eyes. She is in a good place in her marriage, and has forgotten all about her hubby’s (a-hem) indiscretions. Although she is still talking about the affair.

And Mrs. Tamra Judge! Girlfriend looks slamming. Tamra is at her fittest as she preps for her first fitness competition at age 48. I say go Tamra! Tamra’s trainer looked very familiar to me. I recognized her face but couldn’t quite place her. Then Tamra mentioned her name is Mia. That’s when I connected the dots. It was Mia Finnegan. A bodybuilder from back in the day. She was kind of the “kid sister” and baby of the fitness industry among the big guns. I am not sure if she ever won a Ms. Olympia, but she was and still is in incredible shape. Since I love all things fitness related, I am really going to enjoy Tamra’s journey leading up the competition day. I will also look extra hard to see if she downs any cocktails while in training. We all know that Tamra loves to get her drink on at these events.

Let us not forget everyone’s current nemesis, Vicky “whoop it up” Gulvalson.

Megan was finally vindicated when it turned out that Brooks was indeed faking his cancer diagnosis. Why he was faking such a terrifying illness, I haven’t a clue. The only illness I fake it menstrual cramps when I want to get out of washing the dishes on my night. But cancer? I wouldn’t even entertain pretending to have that disease. To make a long story short, Brooks and Vicky are no longer together, and all the ladies think Vicki knew about the cancer scam. I am not so sure that Vicky knew per se, I think that she just had her blinders on and didn’t want to face the red flags and discover the truth. So she decided instead to turn a blind eye to the possibility that he was lying. Let’s face it. Vicky loved Brooks.  She also strikes me as a very stubborn and judgmental person who hates to be proven wrong and judged by others herself. The thought of admitting that Megan was right all along probably crushed her internally. Now Vicky’s nights are spent in solitude. Falling asleep alone in her king bed, but with no king.

The new lady in town is Kelly Meza, a friend of Megan, will be an interesting addition to the group. Kelly, a family loving, wife and mother of one, seems to have verbal diarrhea with no filter.

Heather had a fancy shing-ding on a yacht (again Fancy pants, these things don’t come cheap) and Megan invited Kelly to come along and meet the other ladies. Heather wanted to celebrate Terry’s clean bill of health when it was believed he had heart troubles and may need a bypass last year. Luckily, Terry was going to be okay and surgery was not necessary. I think he should stop working so hard. After all, he’s no spring chicken.  Stop buying things, Heather and let the man retire already! Anyhoo, Heather wanted to celebrate life and Terry’s second chance (hence the fancy yacht.) She invited Vicky, who thankfully accepted the invite and came with her longtime friend Jeana Keough as her only ally.

Vicky was received with a very cold shoulder from Tamra, Shannon and Meagan. New gal Kelly greeted her with open arms. This is where I saw that she will most likely have issues with Shannon. Kelly, as mentioned earlier, who is a let it out there, say what you think person, seemed to rub a highly sensitive Shannon the wrong way. Tamra was able to handle her blunt sense of humour, but Shannon…well….not so much. When Kelly was warned by Megan to be careful of Vicky, Kelly replied that, “I am not here to judge anyone.”

Kelly, if that is the case this the O.C may not be the place for you. Stay tuned for my next recap.


8 thoughts on “O.C Ladies End the Slump!

  1. I haven’t watched any of the Housewives shows for a long time, but it’s amazing to me how entertaining they are! When I start to watch….I just get sucked right in! Your recap makes me want to watch again! I’m so impressed with Tamra getting in shape and doing a fitness competition at 48. Love that!

  2. Confession, I kind of skimmed this post because I have not seen this episode yet! AHH!! Watching it tonight then I’ll come back and comment some more! 🙂 🙂 I love the housewife gifs and of course my fave Heather Dubrow!!

    1. Great! Actually I’m glad you just skimmed. I made a really foolish error because I didn’t proof read. I wrote Jimmy got his TUBES TIED by mistake! I don’t know why?? Lol. 😂😂
      Do return and let me know what you thought of the first episode. Especially now that I corrected that mistake.

      1. haha! I watched last night. I love Vicky’s new home remodels/kitchen! I don’t care much for that Meghan girl. Of course always love Heather and her dress during her party on the boat was fabulous. I LOVE the new gal with NO FILTER…those are my favorite kinds of people!! haha! I’ll def be watching this season! RHONJ is getting ready to come back on too!

      2. I could take or leave Meghan. I find her and her husband kind of boring. Heather of course was fancy. Yes, her dress was beautiful.
        I like Kelly too. She doesn’t seem to like gossip and says what she feels directly. Should be an interesting season.

  3. I live here. It is not the place for me! Lots of nice but so many fake people! I have seen some of these ladies thru the years at local malls including the hubby of one that is on Botched!

    1. It seems so plastic and fake. It wouldn’t be the place for me at all.
      Although if I saw them in person, I would try to see if they’re more genuine in real life than on reality TV.

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