Budget Beauty Basket

Hello there and hello June. My favourite month because of the summer solstice. All kinds of fun and quirky events happening in the city on the longest day of the year.

I wanted to share some budget beauty finds that are on my list to help you look your dewy best this season without breaking the bank. These products have helped me fight dull looking skin and dry winter hair.



  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

I call ACV my bottle of miracles and have raved about it before on my blog. For about fourteen dollars ACV lasts a few months and is very versatile in its purposes. Used as an astringent to fight skin flaws such as break-outs and blemishes, and also helps to keep my scalp squeaky clean by decreasing residue from shampoo and conditioner build-up. Just dilute with water and ensure you are using a ratio that won’t irritate your skin.

2. Coconut Oil

Yes it is expensive, but it is on my budget list due to its versatility. Again, this product can be used for multiple purposes. Not just for cooking, but a glorious hair and skin moisturizer. It helped my hair recover from the harsh winter elements, as well as my ashy winter skin.

3. Organic shea butter

I won’t sugar coat it, shea butter has an odd smell. I don’t know how to describe it. Oh, I know! It reminds me of the plastercine that we use in kindergarten. It doesn’t smell bad, just weird. However, the odd smell is worth it. Since I have started applying this lotion on my face, I have noticed a more dewy, even complexion. I really don’t believe that any cream can reduce wrinkles; it’s just apart of aging skin. I have noticed though that my crows feet have smoothed out a little. Shea butter is also provides natural protection from the sun and can aid in relief from skin rashes and eczema.

4. Bath and Body Works Lip gloss

Looking for a light lip colour without spending tons. Just pop into Bath and Body works. They sell a wonderful moisturizing lip gloss that adds a light touch of colour. Perfect for those summer day dates, beach days or a concert in the park. Another great plus, the minted lip gloss is a breath freshener. I have one in berry fresh and nude.

So there you have it folks. A few products to have you looking great as you step out for summer. The solstice awaits.


12 thoughts on “Budget Beauty Basket

  1. I’m looking forward to the solstice too. Summer days ahead!

    I’ll have to check out shea butter, the smell usually puts me off when I sniff it in The Body Shop. I usually go for cocoa butter (Alba Botanica Hawaiian hand and body lotion) as I find it sinks into my skin more and smells divine! As for coconut oil, I love it. So many uses!

  2. What color is the shea butter? I got the roasted one and I would like to try the raw one b4 giving up on it as a hair product

  3. Great shares!! My face has so much aging hair on it everywhere & even under the eyes that I have trouble with any product I use to help aging skin. It clogs them up! UGH!!!

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