The Naked Truth

I have a funny story to share. Well, it was funny to me. My story is all about nudity and our comfort levels.

Sharing a gym locker room with women, you see all degrees of comfort. Some ladies feel free to walk around in their under garments, wrapped in a small towel coming from the shower stalls, or doing their hair sitting at the mirror in their robes or less coverage. Once I had a lady ask me for help with her bra in the back because she had trouble reaching the clasp. Many feel that we all have the same parts, so why be shy about exposure? Some feel comfortable enough to change from work clothes to gym clothes in the open space of the locker room, while others prefer the privacy of the individual dressing rooms. Degrees of comfort with nudity all depend on age, culture and upbringing. I have observed that older ladies are a lot more free in their nudity than younger ladies for example. There is all kind of chatter in the locker room that would make many grown men cringe. Talks of labour and child birth, menopause and menstral cycles, hormones and PMS,  just to name a few.  Since this is a women only health club, a lot of friendships have formed, which brings a high level of comfort among members.

Thinking back in reflection, I was always one to change privately when in the company of female peers and classmates in gym class.  Part of this could have been fear of judgement and my insecurities of being heavier than many of my peers. My household was certainly on the more private side. I have three sisters, but I have never seen any of them in their birthday suits. That’s just the way it was. I once saw my mom in her undergarments, and that is only because I behaved as an overly-excited child, and wanted her attention immediately to ask if I could go to my friend’s house for dinner. I barged in her room without knocking in the midst of her getting dressed from the shower. She promptly scolded me, and told me to close the door and wait for her downstairs. These days, I’ll change in the private rooms only when the open space is very crowded by the lockers and I feel I need more space. I am still more on the conservative side, but my physical appearance doesn’t bother me when changing. The change room is like a doctor. The walls have seen it all. Cellulite, stretch marks, hairy legs and much more.

It brings me to think of Charlotte from a Sex in the City episode. Covering her thighs and exposed breasts at a women’s sauna, she found it all too overwhelming,  and ran out to hide in private change rooms. She explained to Carrie that, “she didn’t grow up in a naked house.” I always chuckle at that line because it reminds me of something I would say.

This brings me to my funny story. I always thought I was fine with change room nudity until last week. I was gathering my things from my locker after working out.  This incident really made me realize that I am more uncomfortable with full nudity in the change room than I thought. This lady came out of the shower stalls stark  naked.  This was a first. She carried her towel in her hand instead of wrapped around her body. Her locker and mine were corner to corner. I tried to get my bag and water bottle, while giving her some privacy (not like she cared one way or the other it seemed.) I quickly knelt down to get my bag from the bottom of my locker and when I looked up, her backside was literally inches from my face as she knelt down and continued to towel off. I felt so awkward that I ran out of the locker room, forgetting my water bottle and cell phone, (which I realized later and had to return.) My discomfort level was on high.


This lady made no attempt to cover herself, and was as comfortable as if she had been in her bedroom. I suppose she didn’t feel the need to cover, being in an all female facility, and truly this was her right and choice. Andy got a good laugh when I told him my locker room tale. I said this lady must have grown up in a naked house.

Charlotte York, we have more in common than just our first names.


21 thoughts on “The Naked Truth

  1. HI!! I love this post! I grew up in a home where we did not walk about without our clothes too. ALSO, being heavier & teased when I was younger & high school gym being part of that, I do NOT like to roam around naked with other women. I do think women can be mean to women too so…. I always admire those that have enough confidence to strut their stuff even if they do not have the body others see as ideal!

    1. Thank-you Jody. My home sounds just like yours. Nudity was a private matter.
      I agree about the mean girls. Being young and vulnerable, I let my insecurities get the better of me and feared not having a good body when I had to change for phys-ed.
      This lady certainly was confident!

  2. Ha ha saw that episode, and much respect for the butt-in-the-face incident. Can’t say I’ve been quite that close to a nekiddy, though I’ve seen some pretty brazen displays at my own gym. I agree they have the right, but people don’t always want to see that 🙂

    1. Lol!! I can think of many other things I would like close to my face. Like cake or pie for example.
      The gym patrons where I go are not too brazen. This was the first time had seen such a bold lady. It was a little shocking.

  3. Haha! Butt in the face? Poor you! It’s funny how not only can we be uncomfortable with our own nudity but with others’ also. I’m okay with stripping down to underwear in the change room but beyond that…not so much; actually not at all 🙂

  4. I grew up in California…in the 60’s…in the Haight-Ashbury no less. Everyone was naked at hot tub parties (or just lying on the lawn at the park) etc. My parents were modest but my sister and I were more on the uncovered side. Growing up, it was completely normal and nobody covered themselves up at school or in locker rooms around us.

    1. It is interesting to see how people’s comfort level with nudity is shaped by how they grew up.
      That must have been a wild time. I’ve never heard of Haight-Ashbury. I’ll have to google it now.

      1. The Haight-Ashbury was ground zero for the 60’s hippie movement. Free love…drugs etc. My poor parents were fish out of water…very traditional, small town people. We weren’t allowed to mix much with the hippies but we saw them all over the place.

      2. Thanks for the background about the area. I have never been to west coast U.S.A so I love learning about the different locations in California and Washington State. It must have been an eye opener for your family.

  5. Yeah I think as I get older I’m a lot more comfortable with it and tend to look the other way when it comes to nudity in the locker room. But the rear in the face incident probably would have ran me outta the locker room too! Too funny.

    1. Haha! The bum made me head for the hills! That was too close for comfort. I look the other way too. I always face in my locker when pulling up my tights and putting on my sports bra.

  6. Ha ha! I’m from a Charlotte house.

    I always think if anyone has any body hang ups to spend a summer on a Spanish beach or ladies (not the guys there! I’m sure it’s the same in their changing room) changing room. They’re kinda lack when it comes to nudity. The older ladies really don’t give a hoot, teens cover up a bit, but like you say, people have conversations naked, walk to the shower sans towel and out (under the arm like your lady), undress naked in front of their 8 year old boy (that bothers me, he’s old enough for the guys changing room now), do their hair in the buff, you name it. I’m more comfortable with it now in the changing room, but the beach, is a different scenario. I haven’t any tales like yours, but some like to sit naked on the benches. No towel underneath. People put their shoes on there. Shudder!

    1. I must visit a Spanish beach. I just couldn’t have a conversation with a naked person without blushing. I just couldn’t possibly share a change area with a kid, boy or girl. Just seems creepy to me. Your change room sounds very lively! Lol. Sitting on the bench naked!?? Yuck, yuck, yuck.

      1. That would be a nudist beach, I don’t venture to them! Lots of ladies go topless on the beach, order drinks topless and swim topless. Not for me! Plus they’d get in the way swimming if I ever were to, which I ain’t. On my tummy (face down) sunbathing, I undo my top, but it’s always on swimming, sunbathing face up (I undo the straps…less strap tan lines). However I switch to my bra before leaving and sometimes you just gotta whip off the bikini top and whip on the bra. To be honest, it’s only the tourists who gawp and say something (esp Americans!). Most Spanish and French couldn’t really care. I’ve seen all ages topless and I really think, put ya top on! Some images, I can’t remove! And let’s not start on old men with beer bellies letting it all hang out in tiny trunks with hairy back and chests! Somethings should remained covered incase of indecent exposure 😉

      2. Lol! Those older lounge lizards with hairy backs and extra deep brown tans in Speedos. They always try to pick up the young, hot girls in bikinis too. When I was living in the Mayan Riviera, I always found the Mediterranean women more open with nudity on the beach as you’ve mentioned. I found it refreshing. It was not at all sexed-up or exhibitionist-like, it was just natural and no big deal to them.

  7. Great story! Even tho I wasnt there…I felt like I was. I have had oopsie moments at times in my life too, where I saw more than I bargained for. Some things you can never “Un-see”, I can totally relate!

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