There is no Plus in Amy Shumer

I was watching a little bit of Amy Schumer at a comedy fest on Friday night. She is a funny woman, but I didn’t watch beyond ten minutes because I found her jokes too vulgar for my taste. I have only seen a few clips of Amy from interviews and movie promotions, so I didn’t know the details of her stand-up. I love stand-up, but I am more from the Andrea Martin age. I have never seen Trainwreck, although I have heard it is very funny.

While I was watching, I realized that this lady has made criticizing her average looking appearance very advantageous to her booming career as a comic. She poked fun of her face and body often, much like comics of the past, such as Joan Rivers.  I thought Amy Schumer is very cute, with her button nose and sweet smile. Despite her potty mouth, her cascading blonde hair on her shoulders made her look almost angelic. Her body looked petite in the high-waisted empire type dress she wore.  I estimated her to be around a size six.  So my question is this. Why did Glamour magazine call this little woman plus-sized?

Where on her body was anything plus-sized? Nowhere that I could see on television.  Even Amy Schumer herself was baffled by this title. I just find this type of labeling small to average sized bodies sets us back in the progress we have made in healthy body images. What kind of message is this sending vulnerable teen age children who want nothing more than to be thin? Are we now saying a six is plus-sized so you must starve yourself to be a four or a two, even if it is unrealistic for your stature?

As Amy herself said, there is nothing wrong with being plus-sized (to which I agree one hundred percent) however, if she was plus-sized she would say so with pride. She went on to say that plus-sized is considered 16. Amy is about eight sizes smaller.

Slim Jim’s, long and lanky, cheerfully chubby or plus-sized. We are all beautiful and unique. This is what makes the world a wonderful place, but come on Glamour. Let’s see a true representation of a plus-sized woman on the cover and do so proudly.

Take a look at a quote from Amy. Found on Abc News:

Did you see the Glamour cover? What are your thoughts?

8 thoughts on “There is no Plus in Amy Shumer

  1. Yeah by Hollywood (and mostly anglo saxon) standards she’s definitely not skinny but beautiful and curvy! I think she’s a good looking woman and I am glad women like her exist in that industry. Definitely IMO not plus sized though. Boo to Glamour for doing that! Trainwreck is kind of crude humor too but I liked it.

  2. I didn’t see the cover myself but I heard it being discussed on tv. True, Amy is bigger than lots of the starlets but that doesn’t make her plus sized.

    1. I saw the cover on Entertainment Weekly. It almost look like Glamour added mass to her frame. On live TV she looked pretty small. True though, by starlet standards she’s on the larger size.

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