Nothing to Wear

Last week someone asked me what I thought of the scantily-clad women on Instagram exposing their bodies in the name of fitness.

I love IG and all the amazing accounts I follow, fitness and otherwise. I am a visual person and appreciate the efforts people put into sharing their photos. I have connected with some inspiring and unapologetically happy folks on IG. Happy in their life choices, graduations, marathon training, pets, cross fit PR’s, love of God, love of spouses and children, music, travel destinations on their bucket list, just to name a few. Instagram is a place to share and it is wonderful when people are passionate in life about something that brings them joy.

When I thought about the fitness world on IG, the conclusion of to each his own came to mind. I don’t oppose people showing off their bodies. I find it motivating when I see a tight pair of glutes in tights, or a nice six-pack abdominal shot. To be honest, fitspo has a certain affect on me to work harder in the gym to reach my goals. It is awe-inspiring to see how someone transformed their body through diet and exercise. That takes a lot of discipline.

If a person was training day in and day out, and want to showcase their hard work in a bikini or short shorts, good for them. Their body. Their choice. I can’t say that this is something I would never do. I did post a bikini photo on social media, right here on this very blog. I have spent years being ashamed of imperfections on my body and hiding away under the security of a large towel on the beach because of my “thunder thighs.” Two years ago, I went to Cancun and I took my  very first photo of myself on the beach in a bikini. Why? The simple reason was to show that I finally felt confident in a bikini after years of self-doubt and insecurity. I didn’t have washboard abs or guns but I didn’t care. I felt comfortable in my skin. I was eating well and exercising, but more importantly, I was happy on the inside.

I am by no means prudish, but I appreciate tasteful photos. This is where the great debate may come to life. My tasteful might be entirely different from your tasteful.  How far is too far? I follow a yoga account by Naya Rappaport on IG. I love her creative expression in her yoga poses. It’s like art. Sometimes she is doing a pose in a bikini by her pool or on the beach. I am not so much noticing that, but more so her strength and flexibility. One person didn’t take too kindly to her bikini poolside pose, and commented on her post that she was using Yoga to flaunt her sexuality and insulting an ancient form of practice by showing too much skin. I found the photo lovely. Naya and her long, wavy locks, the beach, the sea and sand. See. Different perspectives on what is tasteful. I didn’t find it too sexual in my humble opinion. Naya was on a beach. What was she supposed to be wearing? A hoodie and track pants?

Visit Naya’s account and tell me what you think.

My distasteful is what Kim Kardashian posted and of course created quite the uproar in the media. Please note that I do not follow any Kardashian. I don’t like or dislike them, they’re just not appealing to me and are of interest to a much younger generation. I’m not going to call her vapid, narcissistic brainless, like some of the names I have heard and read. She is a human being with feelings. Kim could be a perfectly wonderful friend, mom, sister, wife, and daughter, but her naked body under the caption, “nothing to wear” in my opinion was distasteful and I feel she does these types of antics for nothing but attention and publicity. She has a beautiful body but this post was just so arbitrary. She wasn’t posing nude to protest for PETA. She wasn’t on a photo shoot or showing a body transformation. It was in a bathroom mirror. What is worse is when teenage girls who worship her in turn want to post their own naked bodies on IG to emulate Kim. This to me is a huge problem. Maybe show your time helping the homeless, or less fortunate. Let these young girls aspire for something that empowers them with their brains and compassionate spirits. Pink was quoted as saying more or less the same thing in a recent article I read after Kim posted for all to see. I have to agree with Pink on this one.

My distasteful is one of the required poses in the bikini division of body building. Bodybuilder Lisa Traugott details the particulars of the pose on her blog, as does bodybuilder Dr. Lynn. Check these posts out if you’re curious. In a nutshell, the pose has the women turn their backs to judges, spread their legs open, bend over and protrude their bottoms out. These women are athletes and spend too much time training intensely to be required to do what I consider such trashy pose. These women should be respected and applauded as athletes, not sex kittens bending over provocatively.

I have been wanting to write this post for sometime. So when I was asked my thoughts, the timing was perfect. I leave you with this. Show your taut bodies, feel proud of your physical transformation because you should, you have earned it, but may you never have the dilemma of “having nothing to wear.”

What is your opinion of fitspo on IG?

10 thoughts on “Nothing to Wear

  1. Good morning T, great post! Of all the social media sites, Instagam is my least favorite. I felt much the same about Facebook when it was hotter than hot. I work hard to post on both those sites, and 98% of the time its fairly boring stuff. I really dont get any voyeur satisfaction from watching people make fools of themselves, and I prefer not to make a fool myself visually either. I do agree that there is a very fine line between fitness and soft porn, alot of fitness fanatics need to learn the difference. There is one 🙂

    1. Thank-you Autumn. I think you said it best. Is all the soft porn really about fitness or attention? I used to follow a popular fitness model. She went from posing in shorts and a sports bra to being half naked. When she started showing her nipples through a wet T-shirt and shirt open with no bra I unfollowed. It was too much for me. It was also too much for many followers who commented on her post that she is going too far.

  2. I thought Kim’s post was crass too but isn’t this what she does when she wants our attention? And here we are giving it to her. (Not just you, all of us. I do it too)
    It’s hard to ignore the Kardashian influence because whether or not we follow the family ourselves, they exert some impact on the young women and other people in our lives. I spend time with young girls and it’s interesting just to see how their view of the world is being shaped by these bodies-on-display culture.
    We really have to work hard to share our good values and change the conversation into positivity.
    Great post, T.

    1. Thanks Karen. I guess she’s getting the attention she craves, be it positive or negative.
      The Kardashians are an empire now, a business. I just wish they would use their fame for things that empower women and society on a whole. I watch the Housewives franchise so I can’t judge, but many of the cast members of the Housewives are at least involved in various charities and give back.

  3. I love this post and I totally agree with your thoughts! I find so many fitness pictures motivating and I’m grateful for the motivation! I’m not into the whole puckered lip, “look at me” type of pics though. It’s all about the message you’re trying to convey. I agree 100% with you about that bodybuilding pose too! It’s not a good one!

    1. The puckered lip is the worse! Lol. I love natural, real accounts.
      That body building pose is just so insulting after all the hard work these women put it. They need to be seen and respected as athletes.
      Have a great day, Mel!

  4. I follow mostly running accounts and a few (small few) bodybuilder/fitness type whatever have you IG accounts. I think some people go too far in posting booty/boob shots and I’m not really that inspired by the ones that come off more like soft core porn. It’s a fine line to tread but some people have a more tasteful way of doing it. I guess it’s a free country. I’m more inspired by ultra runners and nature photos 🙂 It inspires me to run more and get more miles in and explore more places. I don’t body shame though…if someone is proud of all of the blood sweat tears and work they put in fitness wise more power to them. At the end of the day confidence will shine through more than an image of the ‘perfect body’. And that to me is more motivating than anything else. OK…getting off my soap box. LOL.

    1. Yes well said, Chels! This is exactly the point I was trying to convey. To each his/her own, but we can tasteful and inspiring. I love how you say confidence will shine through in the end no matter size or shape. So very true!

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