Breaking Bread with the Big O

I have seen that Weight Watchers commercial a lot these days. The one with Oprah Winfrey professing her love for bread with much gusto. I hear ya’ Ops. I love bread too. Put that cheesy bread basket from Red Lobster in front of me and I could go to town. Likewise with freshly baked bread my granny was famous for, hot out of the oven. Melt a dab of butter on the doughy moist surface, and that’s a taste of heaven right there. Wow! I have something in common with the Big O.

commercial oprah bread oprah winfrey weight watchers

Meanwhile…in Canada. I share my love for bread……


These days I eat mainly whole grain or at times Ezekiel bread (when it’s on sale. Costly it is that Ezekiel bread.) However, if I go a nice Italian restaurant on the odd occasion, I definitely won’t be requesting from the wait staff for whole grain or Ezekiel bread options. No way! I’m going to enjoy a slice of thick, white garlic  bread with my pasta. After all, life is meant to enjoy. I think this is what Weight Watchers gets. You have to live life with gusto and passion. Why not have passion for bread?

Weight Watchers has been around for as long as I can remember. It seems like a sensible program. I like the idea of keeping track of your caloric intake by counting points.  They don’t seem to push replacement shakes or bars as a meal. I know some people who have lost a lot of weight from this points system program. On the flip side, I also know of a lot of people who gained it all back and then some.  After seeing this commercial with Oprah Winfrey numerous times, it is obvious to me that Weight Watchers is updating and revamping their philosophy to evolve with the times. The fine folks at W.W must have realized that man cannot live alone on rabbit food and often love bread. It is just about controlling the amount you eat. That being too restrictive can often lead to self-sabotage. It looks as though they are re-focusing with overall wellness and inner confidence in mind, also stressing the importance of physical activity. You have got to admire them for this new mission statement.

So Ops my dear, I’m glad you can have your bread and eat it too. That you can manage your weight, and enjoy the foods you love. Although she owns everything, the cheapest thing on her “things I’m lovely lately” is rarely under one hundred dollars and has gold-plated toilets, she is after all just a person like you and me. A person with weaknesses and temptations. (and gold-plated toilets.)

Break that bread Ms. Winfrey.

12 thoughts on “Breaking Bread with the Big O

  1. Here here!! I’m all for having your bread and eating it too!! And I love going to St.Kitt’s to my Mommy’s bed & breakfast to eat her fresh baked bread every morning … or afternoon … or night not without the guava jelly! 😳😀 Then I go home a touch more rotund to eat my Ezekiel bread like you do! We’re in good company, gold toilets n all!! Lol! 😉

    1. I think Oprah finally got it right! (Or Weight Watchers.) Your mom has a B and B in St. Kitt’s?! Lucky you! That sounds wonderful. Her bread would be worth becoming more rotund for!

  2. Agreed, T. I think the best plan is where you still eat the foods you enjoy but in moderation. No one can live on lettuce alone but we’re not supposed to live on bread alone either. Variety and balance is the only way.

  3. Bread! Whats not to love? Any Why is Ezekiel bread so expensive?? Im glad im not the only one that noticed that. Great minds think alike. Hey we do what we can…the struggle is real… for all of us, even Lady O 😉

    1. Ezekiel is about 3 dollars more than the average multi grain loaf. I guess because its unleavened I think.
      Lady O still has struggles. One being bread. At least she can eat it everyday now.

  4. I think bread is the one thing that fuels me! I get a catalan bread called cullera, that’s filled with flax, sunflower, pumpkin, poppy and sesame seeds, oat, barley flakes, wheat, rye and malt). It’s heaven! I usually have it with peanut butter, honey or hummus. I don’t think I could live without bread. But then I’m ‘european’ and we eat bread!

  5. I feel you on this I LOVE bread too. I try to eat it sparingly but I mean yummy. I’ve been eating a Top grain bread by a brand called Eureka, love it. I did WW back when I was trying to lose baby weight. I currently count calories on My fitness Pal I think it really is the same thing. 🙂

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