Get Your Snacks On Route 66

It feels as though I haven’t written a post in a while. Eleven days according to WordPress. That’s a long time between posts for me. I have been struggling a little with content ideas. I am just living day-to-day, so that’s not exciting to write about. I haven’t had any epiphanies or a-ha moments, traveled, entered any races  or competitions, dined at an extraordinary restaurant or attended many events lately so there is not much to say. Just the same old same old over here. I am very grateful to readers who take the time to visit my little corner of the internet, so when I do post I want to write something with quality. And yes, I consider my Housewives Posts quality. It takes a lot of effort to recap those lively ladies. My training is on point, but I’ve mentioned that probably a few more times than I can count.

I did come up with this post though, so that’s something. In two weeks it will be March break. The school year is just whizzing by before my eyes. Question for any younger (than me) readers. Is time going by at the speed of light for you, or is that just a thing for the “mature-of-age?” I don’t know. It just seems that way. Anyway, for March break I will be going to New York, The Bronx to be exact. Actually I will be tagging along with Andy for a work-related trip he is taking. We will be driving and that is where the dilemma lies. Road trips make me eat crap.

Road Trip!! Please Jesus take the wheel and help me not to go crazy with M and M’s and Doritos. (that’s really Andy at the wheel in this shot.) In reality Andy is great at keeping me accountable and calling me out, so I do thank Jesus for such a supportive husband to help me achieve my goals.


So to prevent this junkfoodpalooza that could potentially go down in the car, I will prep. Just like a I prep for success here at home. I want to indulge in a few treats during my trip, and I don’t want to waste my treat allowances in a car.  If there is a Bronx bakery with luscious cupcakes or donuts, that my friends, is where I want the indulgences to be. Not in a mini van.

So to plan for success I will pack healthy snacks such as almonds, fruit, vegetables and low sugar protein bars. Get your snacks on route 66! Does anyone else know that Nat King Cole song, or just the more “mature of age?”


It is about a ten-hour drive. I wish I could bring a book to pass the time, but I get motion sickness when I read on the road. I will also be traveling with a fun, happy and humorous group, so that will help.

Will anyone be going away for Spring Break? A beach? Sand under your feet? Do tell so I can live vicariously through you. For now, I will be enjoying a Bronx cupcake and hopefully avoiding the bags of Doritos.




15 thoughts on “Get Your Snacks On Route 66

  1. Success is all in the planning right!? I should really listen to what I type…think I could learn a lot hehe. I’m out almost all day everyday to go to my universities library to work on my studies…their cafe is always so tempting in terms of unhealthy food – I do resist, but it makes me so hungry so much faster! Perhaps I should plan like yourself.

    1. Hi Lexi. Thanks for your visit. I really believe planning is essential, but I know life gets busy, especially for students. When you have mid-terms, papers, assignments, etc . to think about, it’s easier just to grab a cafe treat. I think that’s fine when you’re busy, just not in excess or it can derail your goals. I know that first hand. Good luck!

  2. When we go on road trips we pack the usual snacks, trail mix, fruit and most importantly wraps. P makes wraps that usually don’t fall apart (if I made then we have to stop off the eat them!). We also take a salad that we eat at a pit stop with coffee/tea. But P likes crisps/chips so there’s always a big bag of them picked up somewhere! We also take loads of water.

    As for Spring Break, I’ll be living vicariously through you in the Bronx.

      1. You’ll have loads of fun! I went about 9 years ago and loved it. I think around this time of year. It was bloody freezing with the wind whipping down the side streets!

  3. You’re coming to my city! And I might be away for it. Aww.
    Enjoy the trip though. Road trips are my favorite and I eat lots of junk too. Doritos and Peanut M&Ms are my go-to’s.

  4. We are also going on a trip for march break. Road trip to Vermont to ski for a week. The actual trip will be fine once we get there and hit the slopes. We cook all of our meals in the condo. I do drink too much wine and corona, but ski hard for 6 hours a day so feel I’ve earned it. The drive there and back, however, is killer. Stopping at rest stops with fast food along I-95 and the car snacks of licorice, mini eggs and tons of other crap are a challenge. Hopefully I can keep it to a reasonable amount of junk this year! But 10 hours in a car needs chocolate of some sort! 😀🍫
    Enjoy your trip!

    1. I can relate. I tend to indulge on the alcoholic beverages on my vacations too.
      Road trips and truck stops! What is it about the junk calling your name? The cash registers are always from the 1980’s and the cashier always has a chain attached to her glasses, (as she rings up your chips or fries with extra gravy.)
      Skiing seems like quite a workout. I may limit myself to a Snickers.
      Have a fun and safe trip too. Sounds amazing!

  5. My advice, get an audio book for the ride! Geez, for 10 hours one way, you might want to get a couple! I love Smartfood popcorn with an audio book. PS – Yep I know that song 😉 Have fun, cant wait to hear about it

  6. I hope you have a wonderful trip! We have a couple fun short trips planned this month too. I LOVE to eat junk food when we travel too. I’m going to try to pack some healthy stuff and keep my fingers crossed that I stick to it! I get carsick in the car when I read too, dang it!

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