T-Rex To Tigress Winter Tidbits

Welcome February. I have made it this far with my seasonal affective disorder. February always reminds me that it is the half way point of winter. Spring is on the horizon and the days are getting longer. Really my winter blahs haven’t been too bad this year. I think it’s because we have been experiencing some mild temperatures and very little snow. We had one measly snowfall and it melted the next day.  It is still early in winter, so I am sure something will accumulate before spring. We can’t be that lucky!

My training has been going great so far. Not much to say except I am so glad I decided to go with a personal trainer. Although online, Camille is always available with my questions or concerns via email or phone. It is also good to know when to push myself and when to scale back. There are so many workouts to choose from on the internet, but it is really nice having an actual person to guide, support and help you along the way. Not to mention the diet part.




Knowing portion sizes and food groups quantities is a very important part of the whole process and just what I need to meet my goals. Camille also knows about my love of the grapes, so she has added wine to my meal plan in a way that fits my plan, but at the same time will not set me back. Basically it’s called moderation. I also look forward to an indulgent meal once per week. I don’t like to call it a “cheat meal” because who am I cheating? Myself? I don’t agree. There is nothing wrong with enjoying an indulgence every so often if your regular diet is fresh, healthy and unprocessed. That’s just my two cents anyway. If I was training to compete, that would be a whole other story. Since I am just trying to maintain a healthy weight and increase my strength and muscle mass, I can have a little key lime pie, as I did on Sunday at an event.



Life has been pretty quiet. I tend to hibernate during the winter. This is something I am working on, being more adventurous in my social life when it is cold or dark outside. My friend Debbie and I hope to try out aerial Yoga soon, and I still want to try snow-shoeing with Andy if the snow decides to fall.

On Sunday I attended a very nice event to launch Black History Month where Andy was one of the featured musicians entertaining the crowds with his steel pan (and I ate that key lime goodness.) There were many guest speakers from the Afro-Canadian community, artists and innovators who made contributions in the arts, education and sciences. Dr. Jean Augustine, the first African-Canadian member of the house of commons, gave a powerful speech about self-empowerment and future generations making a difference in the world. I wanted to get a photo of her, but it was so crowded near her podium that I couldn’t get a good shot.




During the dinner part of the evening, the official stamp of Canada Post unveiled the stamp to mark Black History Month. On the stamp was construction number 2, the first all black battalion to serve in war for Canada. It was very momentous to see the unveiling. These young men were told they could not fight because of the colour of their skin. Instead they were made to dig the trenches, however they still persevered and literally soldiered on to get a chance to serve.



Well folks, happy February. That’s all for now. If you are experiencing a lot of snow, share some this way so I can finally go snow-shoeing.


13 thoughts on “T-Rex To Tigress Winter Tidbits

  1. I love the stamp! It’s art work and what it meaning. It’s hard to image that just over 100 years ago attitudes were very different to what they are now.

    Aerial yoga?! I’d go with you if I could!

  2. I love February too! I can just feel that spring is around the corner. I was happy the Ground Hog didn’t see his shadow today too! I love what you said about “cheat meals.” I totally agree! There’s always room for small indulgences from time to time; it’s not cheating it’s treating your body. I love that stamp too!

    1. Yes! The groundhog didn’t see his shadow. Thank goodness.
      Indulgences are definitely a part of a healthy lifestyle.
      It was so amazing to see the stamp and learn about the history behind it.

  3. What a cool event! So awesome to hear about the African Canadian community too…I didn’t realize how diverse it is up there. I guess I need to come visit!

    Keep on rocking those workouts sister!!!

    1. If you ever visit be sure to contact me Chels. We have to meet and get together! Most of the slaves came from the underground railway (not what Porscha thought. Lol 😂. Remember that episode of Atlanta housewives?)
      Most of the escaped slaves settled in Nova Scotia, such as these brave young men.
      Thanks as always for your wonderful encouragement!

  4. Aeriel yoga? Something new to me. I don’t know what that is…but it sounds interesting…brings to mind Cirque de Soleil.

    That’s a beautiful stamp. When my dad was in the Army, he was on a ship that docked in Hawaii. The black soldiers couldn’t go into the restaurants in town since things were still segregated so the black soldiers got food, built a fire and had a feast on the beach. Yes, like in Canada, they did what they could to serve…men with great hearts!

    1. With Aeriel yoga you are suspended in straps mid air. Scary…yet intriguing all at once.
      What amazing history about your dad. He must have shared such eye opening stories with you from his time served. This being one of them!
      I was in awe of these men and how they persevered. True heroes.

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