The Only Goof Ball at the Gym

Check out this fun holiday-themed schedule happening at my gym. Who would not want to jump in and participate?



I was especially excited about the ugly Christmas Sweater Saturday since I have my own vintage holiday ugliness I found in a thrift shop. I put the sweater on over my gym gear, and headed out the door for my workout. Feeling rather festive and merry, I walked in the reception area of the gym. I looked at the few people exiting and entering. I looked at the staff behind the counter. Nobody was wearing an ugly sweater. Was I the only goof ball to participate? I opened up my jacket to display my ugly sweater and said to the young lady behind the counter, “am I the only one dressed like this?”

She looked at the sweater and chuckled, then I detected a little look of pity in her eyes. “Yea,” she replied. “You probably are.”

My first thought was to take off my sweater and hide it away in my bag. I quickly decided against that idea. Why should I? I kept on my sweater and wore it with pride.  Life is too short to take yourself too seriously. As a woman at times there may be pressure to be presented as attractive, beautiful, pretty or what have you. Well, ain’t nothing wrong with looking a little goofy and silly. It is healthy and therapeutic to have a laugh at yourself. Before I locked my ugly sweater away to begin my workout, I got a lot of compliments on my festive attire.



When leaving the gym I put on my sweater again. I asked the new receptionist on duty, “I guess I’m the only one who got the memo.”

“I guess,” she laughed. “I’m surprised more people didn’t wear their ugly sweaters today.”

Later that evening, we got ready to go to my sister’s place for drinks and appetizers. Did I put the wool of ugliness away? No way. I carried on the goofy theme into the night and wore my ugly sweater again. This time I jazzed it up with boots and skinny jeans. We stopped at the liquor store to get a bottle of wine. It was very mild out, so no coat was required to cover up my look. My sweater got a compliment from the lady at the check out. “I love your sweater!” she exclaimed.

Can you blame her? Take a look at this in all its glory!



I really can’t classify myself as a fashionista as I am more of a minimalist, low maintenance kind of gal,  but I am thinking of taking the ugly sweater look into formal evening wear by adding heels, a skirt and a little clutch.  I would have modelled it myself, but my legs are too hairy right now for a skirt. This is the best $3.50 I have ever spent. So versatile, so convenient to take your look from gym to evening and into the night. Love how my clutch matches the buttons. It’s all in the details.




Young people of the world, take a tip from me. In a world of ducked-faced, filtered and angled presentation, don’t ever be hesitant to add a little goofiness to the equation. Trust me, it is good for soul.

Now, who will be first to wear the above outfit with me?

16 thoughts on “The Only Goof Ball at the Gym

      1. Can’t wait to read your celebrations. I’m going to YouTube that Jimmy Fallon segment. I need at least 2 more ugly sweaters to expand my look. Sorry to say Andy, but the ugliness is going nowhere right now. Lol

      2. Oh yeah, you can also see the Fallon clips on Hulu. I am not always up at night to watch but I check it out most days. I think his show is hilarious.
        You rock those uglies, my dear.

  1. Oh, that schedule at your gym sounds like so much fun!!!! I wish my gym would do something like that. Your ugly sweater is fabulous and it looks like you’re getting your moneys worth. Ha ha!

  2. I think the ugly sweaters are more quirky than ugly. I have mine ready for Ugly Sweater Day at work. Love the ‘party’ look you put together with the skirt and pumps. Good for you for embracing your ugly sweater. Btw…that clutch looks familiar, Sis 🙂

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