Gift Ideas for Lady Lifters for Every Budget

The most wonderful time of the year is in full swing around here. I traditionally don’t put up my tree and decorations until after American Thanksgiving, but I have started my gift list. I love buying gifts for others, but not so keen on crowds so I try to get my shopping done early. I have been known though to leave my list until Christmas Eve and that does become stressful. It is usually me and some boyfriends or husbands scrambling the aisles at midnight in Shoppers Drug Mart (the only place that isn’t a convenience store that’s open) trying to get those last minute stocking stuffers or gifts for a special someone. Sorry men, but it is true.

Speaking of a special someone, perhaps you have a lady who enjoys weight lifting in your life. A significant other, a friend, a mom, a sister?  Being a lady who lifts myself, I have a compiled a list of things that would make great gifts. You may not be able to get these things at Shoppers Drug Mart on Christmas Eve so plan ahead.


  • A subscription to Oxygen or Women’s Health Magazine. These magazines offer challenging workouts, healthy recipes and informative articles from fueling for workouts, injury prevention or finding the right protein powders.


  • Grip Gloves or weight training gloves. Always necessary because we can go through these items fast if at the gym on a regular basis. If the lady lifter is anything like me, she may lose a pair or three and an extra stash is always needed and appreciated.


  • A gift card for a full body/or sports massage.  Weight training can put a lot of wear and tear on the body. A deep tissued or sports massage can really put those sore, hard-working muscles at ease. Not only therapeutic, but can be key in injury prevention.


  • Cute workout gear. What lady doesn’t love stylish workout gear. New tights, sports bars, or tanks are always welcomed. New gear is motivating,  fun and never boring.


  • A Foam roller.  At times people may neglect stretching. A foam roller is wonderful for those sore backs, hamstrings or quads. It feels so good the lady lifter will be thanking you from the first use and into the year.


  • A few sessions with a personal trainer. I treated myself to this gift in the summer and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Whether a new lifter or she has been lifting for months or even years, everyone plateaus and can become bored with their program. A personal trainer can offer new challenges and introduce you to new ways to work various body parts.


Extra Stocking Stuffers:

  • Healthy cookbooks
  • Epsom salts
  • sample packs of protein powders or snacks such as almonds

So there you have my gift list. May your shopping be merry and bright.





8 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for Lady Lifters for Every Budget

  1. This sounds like great list! Shape magazine is also great fitness magazine that always has new fun exercises! I hope you get your Christmas shopping done early to avoid the last stroke of midnight shoppers!

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