Monday Motivation and Workouts this Week

Hello there Monday, we meet again. A little too fast for my liking, but oh well. How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was pretty low-key with the usual errands, napping, meal prepping and cleaning. I will live vicariously through all you exciting people.  I did manage to slip in my Monday’s workout on Sunday, because I am not able to get to the gym on Monday.




I hope your week is filled with activities that make you feel good, happy and healthy. What’s on your fit agenda this week? Mine is looking like this:

Sunday: Back, biceps and hamstrings

Monday:  Rest

Tuesday:  Chest, triceps and quads

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Repeat Sunday

Friday: Repeat Wednesday

Saturday: Restorative Yoga and injury prevention work

Now, for the musica. Let me take you on a tropical, exotic oasis, where love, fresh fruit, peace and happiness is in ambundance. This is a great one to get cardio started or for those high intensity intervals.

Bomba Estereo’s Somos Dos is sure to get your Monday going on a high “note.

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