Sweating for a Good Cause

I just returned from a fun event this afternoon. A fitness fundraiser hosted by The Black Women’s Congress of Ajax and Pickering. For twenty dollars you got two solid hours of classes that included, Zumba Fitness, Bokwa, Reggae cardio and Socasize. All proceeds go to assist youth pay for summer camp programs. I love sweating. For a great cause is like the cherry on top.

I asked a few people to join me. My friends Roxanne and Desiree, my sister Francine and my niece Mikayla. Unfortunately Desi couldn’t get a sitter for her youngest, Francine said she was scared and Mikayla was working. I swear that child works all the hours God sends.  Luckily, Roxanne was able to make it and have fun we did!

All the instructors were very energetic and really got the group going. I have never tried Bokwa before, nor Reggae cardio or Socasize. I was very intimidated too, but decided that I need to break out of my comfort zone and try new challenges.

IMG_3342 (1)IMG_3343 (1)IMG_3344I found the most challenging class was Socasize. I have always wanted to try this class. Not only is it very intense (a lot of jumping, squatting and high knees) but you must have a innate sensual side as well as being in good physical condition.  Some of the moves are tres sexy. You need to unleash that inner sex goddess. I was talking to Roxanne on our drive home, and I truly feel that I am missing this element. I was never a “wine yu bumsie and bubble down low” kind of girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love to dance, but I am very conservative. My bumsie is pretty big, but I can’t move it like that! I felt a little bit like Miranda from Sex in the City when she took a dance class to unleash her own inner sex goddess to be less emasculating, and her hips wouldn’t pop correctly. That was so me today.

Founder and creator of Socasize Ayanna Rivears was there in person to lead the Socasize portion, and that lady has sex appeal. Her bum seems to move all on it’s own. She is the type of lady that just drops jaws when she gets away on the dance floor. As a Trini would say, “she gettin’ on bad!” Girlfriend knows how to work it and she makes it look so easy.

Needless to say, we had loads of laughs and we survived. Roxanne said that she has to survive because it’s her son Caleb’s second birthday next week and she can’t miss that occasion. Guess what, we did survive and I am so glad I forced myself to get out of my comfort zone. My bumsie may never wine down low, but I sure had fun trying.

Roxanne and me. Still breathing AND smiling!
Roxanne and me. Still breathing AND smiling!

Have a great week!

21 thoughts on “Sweating for a Good Cause

  1. Awwww fun!! I bet I’d like Socasize! Sounds like a class I used to teach down here called Danceaton. The lead instructor was from Panama and had super high energy! Like Zumba on crack…LOL

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