Motivational Monday Video and Weekly Workouts

Hello everyone. Hope this week has something wonderful in store for you. I am sure you will make it a great one. I plan on making it a wonderful week by having a lot prayer, devotional and meditation time, productive workouts and planning some healthy meals.

The week is looking like this:

Monday:  Back and biceps

Tuesday: HIIT/Cardio (legs)

Wednesday: Chest, shoulders and triceps   *Pilates in the evening

Thursday: HIIT/cardio (legs)

Friday: Back and biceps

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Restorative yoga/injury prevention

On Wednesday evening, I join my friends Trish and Brenda for Pilates. It is a lot of fun and laughs and I look forward to it. We get a real kick out of our grunting and “noises of despair” on those difficult moves (which are most of them.) Last week the focus was on glutes and abs. This week it will be core and arms. Can’t wait!

Instead of a motivation song, this week I have a motivational message to get you going. None other than bodybuilder extraordinaire, the Big Kahuna (and I do mean big), the Don of dumbbells, the boss of barbells. Ladies and gents, I give you Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger!!

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