Beastmode or Sleep Mode?

Today was supposed to be a chest, shoulders and triceps workout day. Unfortunately I was just not feeling it in the least. The only way I could describe my mood today was blah. I didn’t have the motivation to cook, clean or do the laundry, much less workout. My body became an imprint in my sofa today. The fact that we were having a torrential downpour didn’t help matters any. I am not sick or coming down with anything. I know the signs when I am getting sick, but this was just a bad case of the lazybones.

IMG_3124So what do I do when I feel this way? I peel my backside off the couch and make up my mind to go workout. I know about a third of the way through, or even right after my warm-up, I start to feel much better and so happy I decided to get to the gym. I went to my condo gym because of the wet weather. This meant I would have to modify my workout, but hey, at least I was off the couch and making an effort to exercise. The condo gym has a nice set of free weights, some medicine balls, cardio machines and a weight machine with a bench, but there is no Olympic bar or tricep dip machine, both of which I needed for today’s upper body work. I reasoned that I could do other things for my chest and triceps instead and I always feel good about my modifications and work hard regardless of where I am.

Condo gym
Condo gym

I would much rather be watching Judge Mathis right now…..

IMG_3121Remember how I said when the blahs hit, about a third way through my workout, I usually feel better and start to kick things in gear? Well, not the case today. Usually during my warm up, my intensity on the elliptical is very high and I start to get the heart rate up and work up a good sweat 5 minutes in. Today, I could barely move the handles on the machine.  I got over the mental barrier to get off the couch, but physically nothing was coming together. I managed to do some push-ups, planking, military press, Russian twists, and rear delt raises, but man, I felt like I had bricks on the soles of my running shoes the entire time. Andy joined me in the gym after making some business calls, and this helped to pick me up with a little banter, but not much.

When looking on social media, we see all the beastmode workouts.

7 miles down and now for Pilates

Just killed it in bootcamp

Went heavy today, time for some protein!

Hope it’s not too soon for flex Friday, because the biceps are pumped on Tuesday!

I love to see these captions and find them motivating, but not even these news feeds worked for me today. Not many people show their blah day workouts. Then again, what would really be the point of that? I think my caption today would be:

Beastmode? More like sleep mode.

Well, that was my workout today. Not much else to say except I was walking around like Frankenstein all day. Truth be told, I am not always going to have a good workout. I can’t always rely on good weather, inspirational pictures or quotes or a strong black coffee. Motivation is a starting place, but the rest is up to me. When it comes down to it, only I can peel myself off the sofa and make an effort to get things done. Sure, sometimes I feel like I have the energy of three-toed sloth, but at least I got my lazy behind in the gym….and then took a long nap.

Do you ever have lazy workouts?

14 thoughts on “Beastmode or Sleep Mode?

  1. Oh I do. Running especially. I don’t always want to run. It takes up too much time if I include my activation physio instructed exercises, the weather, the heat, the tidy up breakfast before hand, the time, the stretching afterwards. Sometimes I can’t wait for the run to be over with. I find putting on my gym clothes is a good motivator and knowing that I’ll feel even more cr*p for not doing anything does the trick most of the time. Mostly it’s will power, not giving in even if it’s a blah workout.
    I try to on IG mention the not so good runs or workouts. I think it’s important not to to be all ‘yeah, I owned my workout today’. It becomes annoying after a while! You need balance. Balance unfortunately is showing some of the blah, I’m real side! Because when those ‘yeah crushed it’ have a bad day. Oh my it’s bad day!

    1. Your running routine sounds so time-consuming. That’s so admirable that you get it done.
      I try to put on my gym clothes first thing in the morning if I’m not working. Mental barriers can be our greatest challenge I think.
      Everyone must have blah days. It’s not possible to always “crush” and “kill” things. State of blah ness makes us human. I think balance is real too.

      1. Oh it is. Which is why I’m not enjoying running as much at the moment. I go through the motions of it. Gone are the days I laced up and went. But I paid for those days with injury. Balance is real. Keeping balance is the hard part!

  2. haha that is a great caption! Often times our bodies give us signals that we need to lower the intensity a bit and you did the right thing! I also think it’s crucial not to compare ourselves with others via social media. I know it is hard not to. Some days that are my rest days I just stay off of the instagram news feed. It makes it easier to focus on my training plan! We are all on our own journeys in fitness and in life.

    1. Thanks Chels. I was definitely in sleep mode yesterday. Thanks for the tip. This could have very well been a signal to slow down a bit. Important to know.
      We do all have unique journeys. So very true.

  3. Ohhh I have lazy workouts more often than I’d like to remember! Sometimes, a “lazy” workout is better than no workout. Other times, I listen to my body – if after 10 minutes I’m still not feelin’ it, I’ll stop.

  4. Oh yea Ive been there. WE all have. Thats the thing about social media…you only see what people want to show you…not their real ‘reality’. Youre not alone, you are just braver than many because you shared it.:) Keep smiling

  5. Oh I have plenty of those days where I just DO NOT want to workout AT ALL! I think it’s great you still got it done. You are so lucky to have a gym at your condo too!

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