Plateaus and Taking the Leap

I set off on a nature hike this afternoon instead of going to HIIT. It was a beautiful day and I felt the need to be outside in fresh air. The trails were long and winding. We were going at a vigorous pace, up some stairs, along a riverbank and up another winding dirt trail. I was sweating, got my heart rate up and was inhaling the fresh air. All the things I set out to do. At the peak of an uphill part of  the trail, we came to an abrupt end. It was a very high cliff overlooking a stream. Fluorescent tape and a fence warned of us of the danger of the high peak, and staying back from the cliff. There was nowhere else for us to go.

image imageimage


This hiking experience reminded me of my training. I have sweated, pushed, pulled, ran, and jumped. Now I feel I am at the end of my trail. I have done all I set out to do. There is nowhere else for me to go. There is a steep cliff, and I have done all that I can. I am proudly down 4 sizes and am very happy with my current weight. Pants that were once too tight, are now too loose. With the progress in weight control, I am not seeing any more gains in upper body muscle mass. Sure, I have increased my strength and have seen visible mass in my shoulders, but I would still like to see more muscle development. Up until now, I have been doing it all on my own. I had one free consultation with a trainer at my gym, and with the in-house dietician. I sought instruction and guidance online with various lifters, all of which has been fantastic and extremely helpful. Now I feel it is time to hire a professional to give me the push I need, both in training and nutrition. I need someone to give me the swift kick in the behind to really start working for it. Let’s face it. The end of my trail means that I have plateaued. I can either keep looking down at the stream below, or I can make a choice to do something about it. I choose to take action.


imageI started searching for certified personal trainers with weight training and body building experience. I also wanted someone local, or someone who I could get in contact with when I needed help or a motivational push here and there. I found a trainer based in Montreal, but who is in Toronto often. She looks like she is in phenomenal shape. She sent me a questionnaire and we had a phone consultation to discuss my goals. I loved her approach. Taking one day at a time, and baby steps to make my goals successful. With my package I am getting eight weeks on a program she is designing specifically for my body along with nutrition and meal prep. Suffice to say, I am very excited.

As we circled back on the trail to return to our car, I came across an old tree that had crashed to ground. I hopped on and walked across this tree. Again I came to end. When you are standing at the end of the old tree trunk, you have two choices I thought. You can stand there and stare below, or you can jump off and make it happen. I am not going to stand and stare anymore. It’s time to take the leap.


11 thoughts on “Plateaus and Taking the Leap

  1. Plateauing, breaking out a rut is tricky. You like sometimes the way things are, but you’re hesitant to try something different as it might not work. You go girl with your trainer! I hope she pushes, motivates you and inspires you!

    The Dancing Runner’s right. You could be a trainer too with your know how!

    1. It is so tricky! You nailed it, Nat. It’s like, what now? I’m looking forward to what this trainer has to say.
      And if fantastically fit ladies like you and The Dancing Runner think I would make a good trainer, maybe I should give it a go!

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