Snack Attack With Fit Approach

I am eager to share my favourite snacks through The Fit Approach and Sweat Pink Community as a means to encourage healthy snacking and focus on nutritious quick meals. I’m also eager to read other blogs to get fresh, new snack ideas. Let’s get to it. Snack attack here I come!

image I love to snack. A little something between meals always energizes me during a busy day and more importantly before a workout. My go to snack is usually a bag of trail mix, with almonds, goji berries, raisins, peanuts and pumpkin seeds. A handful of trail mix never fails to put a little pep in my step.

image Hard boiled eggs are another one of my go to snacks. Eggs are perfect to keep me full and prevent mindless snacking with empty calories. I will usually boil and peel them the night before as I’m prepping lunch for the next day and keep them in the staff fridge at work. On my morning break, I will grab one and this will sustain me nicely before lunchtime.

image When crunched for time, I can never go wrong with a smoothie. My favourite is mixed berries (blueberry and strawberries) with almond milk and a scoop of protein powder. I also like to add some Manitoba Hemp Hearts in there as well for extra energy and protein. This snack, post workout or as my breakfast always keeps me full until my next meal or snack.

image As for meals, when I have to whip up something quick I always have black tiger shrimp in my freezer for a quick stir-fry and cans of chunk tuna in water in my cupboard. Reason being is that shrimp is less time-consuming than cooking beef or poultry and is much faster to defrost.  Tuna pairs nicely with salads, in wraps, as well as in a quick stir-fry over brown rice. My favourite on the go meal is shrimp penne in a rose sauce, I found via Chelsea’s blog. It’s quick, easy and delicious. You can find this recipe, perfectly called “girl-on-the-go meal” right here.

Shrimp penne in a rose sauce. Easy and tasty.
Shrimp penne in a rose sauce. Easy and tasty.

I am definitely a late evening snacker. When I settle down for my favourite show or with a book after dinner, I like to munch. Instead of grabbing chips, crackers or cookies, I had to come up with a way to munch that was healthier and would not pile on the calories and extra pounds. Now, I always like to have a variety of fresh vegetables pre-cut for my evening munchie fix. This could be celery sticks, carrots sticks, bell peppers or a combination of all three. I think prepping and pre-planning truly sets you up for success.

image There you have it. From Trex to Tigress’ favourite snacks and a quick meal to help keep me on track.

What are your favourite snacks?

25 thoughts on “Snack Attack With Fit Approach

  1. Mmm I love me some boiled eggs any time of day! And man I have not made that ‘girl on the go’ meal in forever!! Time to pull it back out! Thanks for the reminder 🙂 🙂

  2. Trail mix when I’m out. TIU 3 ingredient cookies with added chopped almonds and mac powder and their new blueberries protein breakfast bars from their Nutrition Bikini Plan after the gym. If I’m at home, peanut butter and granary bread or carrots sticks and hummus (no cheese option. Sometimes they put fromage frais in. I’m too lazy to make my own!). At the moment it’s also either a bowl of fruit: nectarine, peach and some mango. And if I get my paws on some dried mango, don’t expect any!

      1. Granary bread, well it’s wholemeal with lots of seeds and grain in! I get a catalan bread cullera or spoon bread! As for the snacks being exotic and fancy, they’re far from! Quick and easy to whip up, yes!

  3. Your snack ideas look great. Another one to add is 2 rice cakes with 1Tbsp of pb! 1/2 Tbsp on each cake. and reduced sugar natural preserves. It’s one of my favs!

  4. These are great snack ideas from you and the other fitness bloggers. I’ve tried and really enjoy the apple slices and pb snack that Run Wright mentioned and what’s really great about that snack is that my son, who loves sweet, loves that healthy snack too. Never thought of a boiled egg for a snack. I might find it too filling between meals.

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