The Rotary Outdoor Gym and New Fitness Classes

The lovely British Senorita and I had a wee online chat about outdoor gyms and working out in the great outdoors when I saw her rooftop gym on her IG account. She told me about an amazing outdoor gym in Australia. A few days later when I was packing my gym gear for the next day, I remembered there is an outdoor gym only about a fifteen minute drive from my home called The Rotary Outdoor Gym. I was there once, but found the equipment very challenging. Especially the chest press and the over head press machine. The equipment was either very stiff and needed a good dose of WD40, or I was just plain too weak to make the machines budge. I think I’m going with the latter explanation.  So, I convinced Andy to live on the edge and break out of our routine of using our condo gym and head to the outdoor gym. Besides it was a beautiful day and I love being outdoors and active and I wanted to see if my strength had increased.

IMG_2988IMG_2989I am also trying to mix things up this summer with my fitness routine. I have already tried two new classes, Pilates and Beat. I stretched and worked areas in my body I didn’t even know existed in Pilates. What the heck is an IT band? A computer part? Well, after Pilates I knew that this was no tech term. My hips were loosey goosey after stretching out this area and I left class feeling so good. Ahhhh, now I know the real reason hips don’t lie. They’re stiff!

Anyway, back to the outdoor gym. I am happy to report my strength has increased because many of the machines I found just too difficult at my first attempt, I could now use. There were also a few elliptical machines for me to get in a quick burst of cardio. We were also right by the shore. Who wouldn’t love a lake view workout?




I approached the pull-up bars with much trepidation. Should I try a pull-up with no assistance in sight? No straps to help me out, no machines with pins to decrease my weight? Just me and a bar. I felt so alone without my tools. There were two bars at different heights, a high one and a low one. I tried the high one first, but could barely lift my feet off the ground. Andy suggested that perhaps I was being too ambitious and I should try the lower bar and see how I do. I couldn’t manage a pull-up on the lower bar, but I did manage 3, count ’em, 3 chin-ups!

IMG_2998IMG_3001IMG_2999After our workout we took a little walk on the beach to stretch and take in the sights. The weather was perfect. Bright and sunny with low humidity.


Have you tried anything new this summer? Please tell me I’m not the only poor soul who didn’t know what an IT band was……

16 thoughts on “The Rotary Outdoor Gym and New Fitness Classes

  1. I am so impressed you did 3 chin-ups!! I don’t think I could do 1. That really is amazing. We have outdoor gyms near where we live and they are full in summer. I think I have even seen people waiting to use them. I am sure it is nicer than a stuffy in-door gym.

    1. Thanks. It’s been a hard road, but I finally did it! This one wasn’t crowded at all. Only 2 other people so sharing the equipment was no problem. So nice to be outdoors.

  2. You go girl! That outdoor gym has view! We have quite a few of these by the beaches (2 literally on the beach!) that get some use. One in particular’s always busy late at night when I cycle back. Even in the rain! Sometimes you don’t need fancy equipment to get results. Calisthenics or working with ones own body weight can get effect results: pull ups, chin up, burpees as you know! 3 chin ups! That’s all the pull ups coming into their own!

    Thank you for the shout and apologies for not replying sooner. The alert didn’t come through!

    My new thing to try this summer, monkey bars, making an effort to incorporate more yoga and my physio exercises that really work the booty!

    Shhh…. I didn’t know what an IT band was until I started studying fitness. I know now, but don’t ask me to pronounce it’s fully name. Forget it!

    1. Thanks Nat. This space once used to have children running amok and playing on the equipment, but there were not many adults using it. I contacted the city and told them about the kids and the dangers it could cause, so now it is a 12 and up outdoor gym. There was just another couple using the aparatus when we went this time.
      I’m thinking if I can do a chin up, a pull up is the next step. Although it is the baby bar. Next goal, big bar!

      1. I have to be carefull with my susupension trainer the park. Soemtimes we train near the kids play ground as I use the swings frame as an anchor. You won’t believe the kids that start to try and swing on it! I’m thinking, should they be at school?! Now it’s the holidays and kids everywhere we use a shady tree! Likewise yesterday on the monkey bars, chin ups bars on the beach, there were 7/8 boys that wouldn’t quit even saying, boys 5 minutes then it’s all yours. Dunno where the parents were. But what can I do? They don’t listen!

        Baby bar or not, a pull up’s a pull up! xoxo

      2. These kids! I tell ya. They are very daring….until someone gets hurt. And they don’t listen!
        I was happy for the progress and I am hungry for more. Thanks for your support 😘

      1. I need you when I started name searching for my blog! Somehow, British Mademoiselle, doesn’t have the same ring! I want to make changes to the layout and theme, but I’m not sure I can change the address! I’d love to call it The British Señorita! Not sure whether P would approve, but it’s my blog! I love it!

      2. Lol! I like the sound of The British Señorita. Although SimplyNatjtan is great too. To me it implies, this is all me.
        I know what you mean about changing the blog layout. I’m ready for a change too, but I’m afraid. I’m technically challenged, so I would need some help.

  3. Great workout pics and scenery too. Haven’t done anything different in terms of working out but you have inspired me to try this. I will be starting holidays soon so will see if Rick wants to try. Way to go with your chin ups!

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