I Feel so Good in my Neighbourhood so, Here I Come Again!

Trish and I started working out together yesterday. We did a back/bicep/core workout. We were supposed to do a leg workout today, but poor Trishie is having some car troubles that she had to deal with. Since I was working out solo, I decided to go to the little park in my ‘hood for a good old park outdoor workout. Why not? It’s a gorgeous day and the sun doth shineth yet again.

Here is a breakdown of what I did today, but first I hope the fine dog owners of Pickering are using this:

IMG_2868Lunging in poop ain’t fun!

Trex to Tigress Get off the Couch and Get Outside Workout:


Four laps jogging around the park. This is about one mile:

IMG_286410-12 elevated push-ups: (on the lovely gazebo steps):


IMG_2861Tree to tree walking lunges. This is approximately 50 Ft:

IMG_2858One minute full arm plank in the freshly cut grass. I love the smell. No forearm planks due to itchy forearm issues:

IMG_2860I repeat this cycle two more times, except for the laps around park.

Now, let’s add a little trivia question to this post. Who can name the song in which I entitled this post? The winner will receive a prize of mad accolades from yours truly. So, there is no prize.

Name that tune! Or tell me your favourite way to sweat outdoors.

14 thoughts on “I Feel so Good in my Neighbourhood so, Here I Come Again!

  1. I know the answer to the trivia. Instead of your accolades though, could the prize be dinner at The Keg tonight?

  2. I love training outdoors. I’m a newbie to the concept but I’ve been getting a little envious of my clients training in the park, I took my Saturday workout to the roof yesterday. Cool, a breeze, quieter and a few seagulls! Loved it! I want to train in some outdoor gyms like muscle beach or few fully equipped outdoor gyms in Australia! As for name that tune. No idea and a great workout you did there!

    1. Thanks Nat! I saw your roof workout equipment on IG and though I would love a roof top workout. There is an outdoor gym here, but I’m sure it doesn’t compare to muscle beach. I’m going to google Austrailian outdoor gyms.

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