Trex to Tigress a Tidbits. Summer in the Ci-tay Edition!

We Canadians are a funny bunch. In winter we become speed walkers, heads down, hands shoved in pockets and no eye contact. We’re off to our destination, be it home, work, store or car and we want to get there quickly and out of the cold. Now summer mind you, we morph into shiny, happy people. On my summer jog this evening I got two smiles and one “good evening.” People are walking slowly, chatting on street corners and always have time to go at a slower pace. You might even see that neighbour you haven’t seen in the past six months because you’re both mowing your lawns. Summers are so short, we like to enjoy and revel in every single moment of it. We even start dancing in the streets.

Starting Friday, I will be off for summer vaycay. I’m ready to relax, unwind and look ahead to new fitness goals.

I want to try morning classes at my gym that I’m never able to take because of my work schedule. I really want to try beat class. Looks like such fun and is being taught by one of my favourite instructors, Maureen.

IMG_2842Of course I still plan on throwing my weight around 😉

IMG_2843I also aim to enjoy the great outdoors. Jogging, hiking and park workouts, which include walking lunges and push-ups in the freshly cut grass are my favourite ways to be active.

IMG_2846The pool area in my condo got a major revamping. Can’t wait to lounge on a deck chair with a good, beachy, summer read.

IMG_2845The farmer’s market will most certainly be on the agenda, with fresh fruits and vegetables in abundance.


Now that I got my new Hamilton Beach blender on sale at 40% off, I plan to use those fruits and veggies to make a lot of delicious smoothies. I made this one this morning for breakfast. It contains almond milk, mango, blackberries and protein powder. So good!


Patio season. Yes please and thank-you to enjoying a cold, crisp Pinot with friends and lady chat. (no husbands allowed! This is our time to complain about you…with love of course.)


On the down side, my Warrior Dash dreams have been dashed. I connected on social media with a few folks who are participating in the Dash near our area. Unfortunately, the lady I emailed has not replied to send me more details. None of my friends or family are interested in dashing with me and wearing a furry horned-helmet, and this is not an endeavor I want to do on my lonesome. So, maybe next year….

On the up side, Andy and I will be attending the Pan Am games in July. Athletes in all summer sporting events will be taking over Toronto. That is a lot of speed, muscles, endurance, sweat and determination in our fair city. We are so excited to see these athletes in action. We are going to the track and field preliminaries. Andy is hoping to meet Usain Bolt. (good luck with that, Andy.)


Those are my summer tidbits.

What are yours??

10 thoughts on “Trex to Tigress a Tidbits. Summer in the Ci-tay Edition!

  1. Sorry your warrior dreams got dashed. Youre a warrior in my book regardless of the race. Im relishing the thought of vacation too. Yay summertime!

    1. Why thank-you, Autumn. That put a smile on my face. Maybe you could design a workout for dashed warriors that make us feel like we did a WD. Lol.
      So so ready for summa’ time!

  2. Your summer schedule sounds enviable. Sorry I lost my furry warrior helmet so the warrior dash is definitely out for me. BTW…sorry to disappoint Andy but I heard a rumour that The Lightning Bolt will not be at the PanAm games. Hopefully the rumour is wrong.

    See you at the pool side 🙂

    1. You can always buy a new furry hat. Maybe next year though? We would have a whole year to train and get Dash ready.
      No Lightening?! Andy will be disappointed.
      Come by for pool time anytime.

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