She’s Just a Girl and She’s on Fire!

My inspirational story of this month comes from my niece Mikayla (Kayla or Kaylie as she is fondly known by relatives.) Kayla is a fun, fast and fierce girl who happens to be celebrating the big one-eight today!

I can’t believe how time flies by. Not so long ago, it seems like Kayla and I were watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas together under fleece blankets while waiting for our popcorn from the microwave (we both liked eating the charred kernels at the bottom of the bag), or I was pushing her on a swing at the park. Kayla is happy, compassionate and always has a smile on her lovely little face.

Once a track athlete, Kayla also turned her attention to dance, forming a Hip Hop and Contemporary dance troop called Ladies Choice with some of her friends from dance class. I have to say biases aside, they are very talented.

Recently, Kayla joined the local Women’s Fitness where I workout, and it is inspiring to me to see her pumping iron and getting strong. Not one for junk food or sweets, she prefers to keep food healthy and light with salads and lean meats. Her goal is to add muscle mass to her petite frame, and I can already she some changes in her lats, arms and legs.Β  She also enjoys attending the very intense cardio kickboxing class the gym provides. There are so many young women at Women’s Fitness, so I know that teens are taking their wellness and health very seriously.

The benefits of teen fitness are:

  • A proactive and empowered attitude and a positive body image
  • Increased mental clarity, with the ability to focus more efficiently in school
  • Decrease in a sedentary lifestyle, and decrease in obesity


Kayla demonstrates some of her favourite exercises:

IMG_2699IMG_2698IMG_2696IMG_2695She’s got both feet on the ground

IMG_2691and she’s burning it downIMG_2692

Mikayla, the world is your oyster as you prepare for graduation and your bright future. This aunty is very proud of you, and looks forward to seeing your smiling face at the gym. Let’s meet up for cardio kickboxing soon.

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