Some Folks Just Got it!

This month’s story of inspiration comes from my friend Trish. Trish is celebrating her birthday today so it couldn’t be a better time to inspire. I met Trish ten years ago on the job. With her mischievous smile, a twinkle in her baby blues and her ability to make me laugh until my stomach hurt, I knew we would become amigas. Like me, she loves all things beachy and tropical. We would often daydream about being in the Caribbean on a bitterly cold winter day. I also noticed that Trish looked like she was in very good shape and perhaps was a dancer, always walking with perfect posture, shoulders down and back. I was surprised when she told me that she was not in shape and never exercised. (Unless you counted dancing all night long.) That’s when I really was made aware that some folks are just born with it.

Our friend Beata from left, me centre, and Trish on the right. Laughing as usual.

Genetics are unique. Genes are what make us who we are. Some people have slimmer hips, wider hips, bigger backsides, cellulite, flatter backsides, ample bosoms, or less than ample bosoms, have inherited grandpa Joe’s hairy back, or mom’s high cheekbones or whatever the case may be. For some it is hard to put on muscle and requires a lot more work in the kitchen and the gym, while for others their bodies respond quickly to strength training. This is a fact. Say for example you start working out with your friend (let’s call this friend Arnold.) Arnold and you are eating the same things, and doing the same weight training routine. You notice that Arnold’s arms are starting to bulk up, but yours are not. Trish just happens to be one of those lucky people. She’s like the female Arnold! She recently joined the gym where I workout and is aiming to get into shape. I showed her a few moves on the TRX suspension ropes at the gym a couple of months ago. Last week I saw Trish for a little gal time at her house, and she has made amazing gains in her physique. Girlfriend looks incredible! I asked her what she has been doing in the gym, and she said just some cardio on the machines as well as body weight exercises on the TRX suspension bands that I demonstrated for her before. All this progress from TRX a few times a week.  The development in her lats took just a couple of months. Because she has a natural predisposition to add muscle to her frame, I am encouraging her to do more free weights in the gym. Her potential is already there and who knows where she will go if she embraced the lifestyle one hundred percent through diet and training. (I can be her agent of course.)

  Back development after a couple months on the TRX suspension ropes.
Trish on the right wearing the perfect halter to showcase the lats. Back development after a couple of months on the TRX suspension ropes.
Trish flexes on vacation.
Trish flexes on vacation with her sister on left and her daughter with hands in the air.
Abs on display.

So my friends, the genetically blessed do not make me feel bitter (fine, maybe just a little.) They inspire me to be better, to work harder and give me the drive  and ambition to keep going. Hence the reason Trish is my inspirational story this month.  We will start training together in the summer, and I am certain once she starts pumping iron with me, she will take her already blessed frame to the next level. Gotta love those Arnolds.

14 thoughts on “Some Folks Just Got it!

  1. I love the outlook you have about different people and their genetic makeup. It’s hard not to compare ourselves to our friends’ body compositions, but if we can realize that everyone’s different – that’s one of they keys to a happier life 😉

    1. Thank-you. To be honest, Jess, I was a terrible with comparing. But once you get to love and appreciate who you are it’s not helpful. We are all unique and all beautiful!

  2. Wow! What lats!

    One the topic of genetics. I get tired of seeing and hear people say they want a big perky booty, like X and X. Half the times, these ladies genetically have a big booties and no amount of squats will get looking like that! Then it’s how they pose to make it look perkier! The grass is always greener, but be happy with what you got, work, work the areas you like, work the areas that need work and remember some people are built for power, others speed. Some can run fast, others can run long distances and have great endurance. We’re all different, that’s what make world a more interesting place!

    1. I love this comment, Nat! True, true, true. Be happy with what makes you unique. I read in an article once that some lifters were envious of Arnold because what it took them a year to achieve in the gym, it took him three months. Genetics plays a huge part, but we all have gifts. Maybe Arnold had crappy flexibility. Who knows??

  3. You may admire her genetics, your biggest competition will always be you. You have talent for blog writing. Unless she does that perfectly too…then you really have a competition on your hands! lol

    1. I used to compare, but I have cone to realize that the biggest competition will always be yourself. I always remind myself of that.
      She’s pretty witty and good with words, so she should try her hand at blogging. Then I’ll be really bitter. Lol.

  4. Wow, she really is like the female Arnold! She looks great! One of my best friends has had defined arms as long as I have known her….since grade school! Great genes!

    1. She is! Those lats from TRX suspension. I’ve also noticed some ladies in the gym like your friend. They don’t do much weight lifting, but have natural definition. Darn those genetics!

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