Easter Snapshots

Good day and blessed Easter Monday. I am just winding down from a glorious four-day weekend. It is back to the grind tomorrow.

Easter always reminds me of precious moments. Easter egg hunts, ladies in their Sunday finery with white lace gloves and wide-rimmed hats and litte girls in their cute dresses and little boys in bow-ties at church.  Most of all, my faith is renewed. Christ is risen and gives me hope, even in a very troubled and at times disturbing world. Faith is hard to describe, it is just something you have to feel in your heart to believe.  Along with faith, comes time with family. I hope you enjoy a few shots of Easter before I head to the gym.  Welcome Spring.

IMG_2628On Good Friday, traditionally we have fish, specifically king fish. My mom always prepared a Belizean Good Friday meal called Boil-up. If you’re familiar with the Caribbean or of Caribbean background, you may know what Boil-up is and all the hard work it entails. Essentially, it is ground provisions, or root vegetables such as eddos, yams and cassava, all brought to a boil until cooked through. Next, you steam or bake your king fish. The star of the Boil-up is a tomato-based sauce with hard-boiled eggs mixed in, along with garlic and onions to pour over your fish and provisions. As I child, I really didn’t like this starchy and hearty meal. I was not a fan of fish, and hated finding all the bones (that is quite common in king fish). Now I enjoy this dish and it is one of my favorite Easter traditions.  This year, Andy and my sister Francine did most of the work. Fran did an excellent job on the sauce, and Andy’s fish was delicious, and not very “fishy’ in taste from all the fresh lime and lemon he used to marinate. My bro-in-law Rick made his wonderful pepper bottle, and his mom Gloria made the flour boiled cakes/dumplings, another staple of boil-up.

Boil up- 101

Ground provisions cooked and ready
Ground provisions cooked and ready
King Fish
King Fish
Gloria makes the dumplings.
Francine’s sauce was perfect.

I set the table. It’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it:

IMG_2642The finished plating:

IMG_2643Not complete without Marie Sharp’s Habanero sauce:

IMG_2644While the “grown-ups” cooked, I helped my nephew Malakai hide Easter eggs for a hunt after dinner.

I swear I didn't convince him to hide any eggs by the wine :)
I swear I didn’t convince him to hide any eggs by the wine 🙂

Easter bun fun

On Saturday, I headed over to my mom and dad’s for more eats and fun. Mom makes Easter bun for the masses. Easter bun is paired perfectly with a cup of tea or coffee and of course cheese.

X marks the spot!
No bun is complete without cheese.
No bun is complete without cheese.
Holy Easter bun, Batman!
Holy Easter bun, Batman!

Mom and I pose with a bun fresh from the oven, and a special appearance was made by the capped-crusader.

Huge Potluck

On Sunday, we headed east to Whitby where Andy’s cousin-in-law lives. She always has a huge spread that never disappoints. This year, there was salted cod-fish cakes, ham, stewed chicken, stewed king fish, macaroni pie and every salad known to man on the menu.

People make their rounds in true potluck style.

Can you believe I made time for the gym between all the eating? I got in a little 5 by 5 action, cardio from the Nike app shredder as well as some foam rolling.

IMG_2631Before some Spring cleaning and eating some leftovers, I am heading to the gym for workout 1 of my 5 by 5 cycle.

As always, wishing you a wonderful week, and faith. Faith in your beliefs, your goals and in yourself.


8 thoughts on “Easter Snapshots

  1. The food looked delicious! And your writing and sharing was terrific. I always feel inspired and grateful when I read your posts. Thank-you Michelle for being such a positive person in my life.

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