Spring Training/ Workout Update

It’s officially spring. I wish someone would tell this to winter. Spring has sprung! It snowed today. Albeit very light flurries that didn’t stick around, still it was snow.

My cold weather ranting aside, now that it is a new season I changed my program. I recently started the 5 by 5 program. This program was first introduced to me by my nephew about a year ago. Although at the time I wrote a post about his program, I did not implement it in my training.

In a nut shell the 5 by 5 program:

5×5 uses five free weight compound exercises: the Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Overhead Press and Barbell Row. You do three of these exercises each workout, three times a week, for about 45 minutes per workout. You Squat every workout, three times a week.
5×5 stands for five sets of five reps. These are the sets and reps you do on every exercise except Deadlifts. Deadlift is only one set of five reps (1×5) because doing more would beat you up. Plus, Squatting three times a week will get you stronger at Deadlifts since it works similar muscles.
Although I use Stronglifts as a resource, I also tweaked the program to suit my personal goals. I have completely omitted the dead-lifts and squats, and only use the 5 by 5 for the upper body. This program’s aim is to gain mass and strength, which continues to be my goal for my upper body. I also added some pull up and smith machine body weight back rows in there to replace the squat and deadlift absence. This tweaking makes it not a true, certified 5 by 5 program. Visit stronglifts or this post for more information.
 These are the exercises I use in my trexified 5 by 5 rotation on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays:
Bench press
Over head press
Pull ups (assisted)
Back rows using smith machine bar
back rows


I always do the pull-ups with two other exercises. I still do small muscle isolation exercise for biceps and triceps, such as extensions and curls. I love using the TRX suspension ropes to work the biceps and triceps.
 Tuesdays and Thursdays are strictly leg days. I find that high repetitions of 15 to 20 with high sets of 4 to 5 work best to keep my legs the way I like them to look, since this is where I tend to accumulate fat. HIIT moves such as jump squats, jump lunges, walking lunges as well as weighted squats and lunges are very effective in keeping the evil saddlebag twins at bay.  I also do leg curls, hamstring curls, and calf raises. I tell you this. I have to really work hard to keep these gams in check and to prevent my cankles and baby knees with dimples from returning (no offence, babies.) If I am not too pooped, planks and Russian twists finish my leg days. We are still trying to train for a 5K once the ice is melted from the trail and sidewalk. This will be considered a leg workout on the Tues and Thursday. Why are you so stubborn, Winter?
Saturday and Sunday are my rest days, as well as a little restorative Yoga, rotator cuff work and foam rolling thrown in to get ready and stay injury free for the week ahead. The new routine is feeling good.
Have you started a new program/training?  Is it snowing in your neck of the woods?
Exercise diagrams found at: http://db.everkinetic.com/type/compound/

19 thoughts on “Spring Training/ Workout Update

  1. It makes sense now! Thank you for sharing it and I’m happy you add more functional training too. Traditional body building exercises and sets (which 5 x 5 fall s in) are great (bench press etc) to build muscles and get them popping, but I feel gains are to be made functionally (TRX, resistance bands, exercise balls, medicine balls etc) as that’s how we move everyday and a must for sport players. Plus they’re waaay more fun! The 5 by 5 also it seems keeps gym time to a standard, which is great when pushed for time so you know roughly how long you’ll be. I do my circuits, then I might play and that’s where times goes! You’re gonna be rocking those legs this summer!

    1. Thanks Nat. It’s really such a simple program. My leg program will stay as it is because it works for my body type. I love those TRX bands. Functional, versatile and fun. After this program I’ll definitely be mixing in this circuits again. Those functional moves also help me to prevent injuries.

  2. Love the way this strength program sounds! I did some weights after teaching spin this morning and it felt so good to get my lift on with all of this running I have been doing.

  3. Charlotte, I will look into this, sounds interesting and a simple way to add in weights. I’ve heard of it before on my fitness pal, but never checked it out. Btw I received my hemp hearts, thank you so much!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Great upper workout! I love the 5×5 sequencing great way to mix it up! Its official Im going to utilize (steal) this idea! Yes, the weather is ridiculous here too. We had flurries again last night! Cmon spring!

  5. Oh, your new program sounds awesome! I need to try that. It seems like it would be a great way to lean out and tone up. LOVE! I’m so sorry your weather has been so wintery there! I hope spring shows up soon for you!

    1. I really like it. I shows me that I don’t have to spend beyond 45 minutes in the gym and still get a good workout.
      More snow for tomorrow, but thanks for thinking of me up here in the cold

  6. 5 x 5 is a fun change up! Get ready to get a lot stronger. I tried it before and made the mistake of working the smaller muscle groups that way and ended up injuring my bicep. I need to tackle it again and just stick to the original program with the compound lifts. Keep us posted!

    1. Thanks for the heads up, Cass. I was actually wondering about smaller muscle groups, but this program is only for big muscle groups. I’ve already added 2.5 pounds to my overhead press since starting. I’ve noticed the strength increase already. I’m sticking to 3-4 sets and higher reps on the TRX suspension ropes for small muscles. Happy Easter!

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