New Posts, Deleted Posts and Upcoming Posts

Sometimes it’s challenging being a blogger. It is not easy to come up with content consistently. I read blogs who come up with fresh content almost daily, but I find that difficult.  I definitely get writer’s block and lack motivation. But……


Never fear, Trex to Tigress is not gorging on cookies, nor is she drinking Merlot from the bottle. (although the latter seems tempting, doesn’t it? Joking…)  She is trying to come up with some new content and deleting some old ones that are still in draft. She is still working hard in the gym and has recently started the 5 by 5 program. She is loving this program because it allows her to go as heavy as she can with 5 sets to 5 reps. Why am I referring to myself in the third person?

The Posts that Were Not to be:

Down in the Valley. This post was supposed to be about my snow shoeing adventure in the Rouge Valley over the March break. I will put the blame on mother nature. There was no snow 😦 It would have been more like twigs, puddles and mud shoeing.) There were a few patches of snow on the trail, but not enough to snow shoe on. So, there goes that bucket list item unless we get a Spring snowfall  like the Eastern U.S. So, this post is on standby.

Spice up Your Cold Winters. This post that never happened was supposed to be spicing up my depressing winter with some Latin dancing. The gorgeous Tiny Dancer was leading this class at a local lounge/restaurant very close to my home. At is turns out, I am an old fuddy duddy. The classes, which included, Merengue, Salsa and Batacha, started at nine thirty at night. On a week night I  might add. At nine thirty on any given night you will most likely find me in my flannels, head scarf, fuzzy slippers, zit cream on any budding spots under my Snuggie watching T.V until I fall asleep.  I was supposed to go with my friend Trish, but as it turns out, she’s a fuddy duddy too and it was hard for her to get off the couch to go Latin dancing after a hard day at work. This is disappointing, because she is my wild and crazy friend with boundless energy who is always up for fun. Hope you’re not getting old on me, Trishie. Anyhow Trish, when a gorgeous local asks you to cut a rug during your trip to Dominican Republic next month, think of how handy these classes would have come in. When he looks at you with his dark pools of brown eyes, a twinkle in his perfect white smile, and bulging pectorals, don’t blame me when he dumps you for stepping on his toes on the dance floor. (I’m such a good friend.)

Upcoming Posts:

Again, never fear. Trex to Tigress has some great content coming up. All on the matters of teen fitness and fostering a positive body image in your teen, senior fitness and the importance of moving in your mature years, as well as more on my 5 by 5 program. Who knows, I may even get to write that snow-shoeing post, weather permitting.  Surprisingly enough when I looked at my stats, my most popular post of all time, ever, is this one. Even though I burned the recipe, it always gets hits. So, I will have to find more quick, tasty recipes for the busy folks out there. Also, my fave day is coming up! April Fools Day. I have some crazy pranks I hope to be blogging about. I can’t reveal what they are because Andy reads my blog. Stay tuned…….

Anyhow people, that’s a wrap. Don’t be a fuddy duddy like me. Go to Zumba, Salsa classes or Socasize. Take off the head scarf, put on those heels and spice up what’s left of the cold weather while you still have the chance.

Peace out.

22 thoughts on “New Posts, Deleted Posts and Upcoming Posts

  1. I think I will blame winter blahs rather than being a duddy!….but a fuddy need a partner even if our couches are on opposite ends of town and we’re wearing the same outfit!…hate those winter blahs, and lack of motivation….I promise never to get old on you and stay wild and crazy forever! ….I will think of u and smile when I step on the toes of the hot Dominican I’m pretending to do the bachata with!..
    P.S…I think u have been April fooling me all along telling me the classes start at 9! …9:30 is REALLY late for a fuddy!…lol

    1. Hate these winter blahs! You are the wild child who is supposed to help me get over them. I hope you stay crazy until we’re old and grey. I think you’re hot enough that the handsome stranger will stick around even when (not if) you step on his toes. I thought it was 9, but it’s been 9:30 all along. Not good for us fuddies.

  2. Haha I was totally asking myself why is she talking in the third person and then you said “Why am I referring to myself in the third person?” 🙂

  3. It’s hard coming up with new content. I get writers block. Blog ideas seem great until I start to type, then the words don’t come or they sound the same as previous posts, boring, take waayyy to long to do. Your’s my dear always make me smile and I learn something all the time. Thanks to you I notice chin hair, the first post of yours I read. Not sure I want to thank you for bringing that issue to light, but these things need to be put out there. And I really badly want to see The Real Housewives. And please write about the 5 by 5 program. I’ve got no idea what that is. I could google, but it’ll be better coming from you!

    1. Awwwww…thanks Nat. This comment made me smile for sure. Sometimes I have drafts that I delete because I can’t bring myself to publish. As you said, too long or too boring when I edit the next day. I have a, ” did I have one too many glasses of wine when I wrote this?”
      5 by 5 is coming up soon.

      1. Blo8dy chin hair! Sometimes reading drafts or old posts I think a drone wrote them! Write a blog, you’d want to read they say. Erm…..

        I’m resisting googling 5 by 5!

  4. I would have loved to read whatever you did not post!! The human mind and stream of consciousness is fascinating to me. I think sometimes we worry more about what people will think if we post something but many times I just post for me and if someone else likes it great. If not…I’m sure they can find something else to read. LOL

    1. That’s very true. I tend to worry about that. My housewives posts I thought, hey maybe not, but I really enjoy writing the recaps so I’m glad I didn’t delete them. It’s fun for me! It’s a bonus when others enjoy them. As you said, there are many reading options out there.

  5. I sure understand the feeling. You want to keep things fresh and interesting. I read an article about refreshing some old really good posts and re publishing them for new followers. I have done this since being self-hosted and I think it is a great recommendation. Look at some of the good posts you wrote that didn’t get much attention and freshen it up a bit then repost.

  6. So very true. Its is hard, and I dont post nearly as much as you do. I dont know how you do it, your amazing! I love the idea of the the drafts that never happened, I have a bunch of those too. Maybe you should start a group that helps to brainstorm and come up with blog topics? I know I could use some help sometimes!

    1. Why thank-you. That’s a great idea! I think it would be helpful to many for a brainstorming group. I used to post more, but I’ve cut back to once or twice per week. I get a lot of ideas from eavesdropping at the gym. Lol! Joking…no not really.

  7. And here I thought I was the only one with 271,917 saved drafts…. I should probably do like you and delete some :/
    I can’t wait for the April Fools posts! I’ve already wasted a good part of my morning looking up prank videos :s

      1. See, and that’s exactly why I have more drafts than you haha.

        I’ll do the whole look back and think “what was i thinking? I cant publish this…” part. Then right as I’m about to delete it, a part of me is like “No, no! We can fix this- dont give up now!”

        I need to be on Hoarders: WordPress Edition.

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