Life Lessons From the ATL Ladies

Welcome, welcome to the life lessons from the ATL ladies. My favorite guilty pleasure, dem housewives! Although many will debate, this is trash T.V and may reduce brain cells (hi Andy),  I disagree. There are valuable lessons to be learned from the lives of these ladies of which I would love to share. I will try to add an evening of thought-provoking exchange, as well as an inside study of human nature (cue intellectual music here.) based on my favorite episodes.

I was thinking of doing a Housewives franchise recap via Youtube. I wanted to drink a special cocktail to represent the housewife region, as I recapped the life lessons from the episodes. For the ATL ladies, I would sip on a peach snaps, for the Miami ladies, a Mojito obvi, and for the OC ladies perhaps a crisp, cold California white. I chickened out, and decided just to write a post. People are mean in Youtube comments. Say I didn’t pluck my uni-brow thoroughly enough or wax my mustache well? For sure, commenters would mention this. So, a post it is my friends.

The life lesson I will recap is when the Southern Belles were in Puerto Rico for newcomer Demetria Mckinney’s performance as an up and coming pop star diva. If you’re wondering where you have seen Demetria’s  face before, wonder no longer. She played ex-drug addict Janine on House of Pain. The ladies were invited to an all expense-paid trip financed by Demetria’s man, producer Roger Bob.

Ok, life lesson #1…..

If someone was kind enough to pay for your trip to Puerto Rico, and take care of your accommodations, do not complain about the rooms, Nene and Phaedra! Do not screw up your faces while you clutch your designer bags, and snicker about  “how small” the rooms are. Not cool ladies. It’s all about gratitude.

Life lesson # 2……

Do not insult your host’s fashion, hair and make-up, Phaedra! This woman invited you to this exotic island to see her show, so in no way was it necessary to snicker about her dress and make-up artist’s job. Do that when you get home (behind her back like you usually would.) Be a gracious guest Phads.  Jealously does not become you.

Life lesson # 3…….

This one is for you Nene (or Nay-Nay). Words hurt. New this season to the show is beauty Claudia of Price is Right fame. Claudia was one of the models on the popular game show who would gracefully glide her hand across a dish washer or new car in a ball gown with a large grin, while Bob Barker showcased the prizes. Anyhoo, exotic Claudia may have taken a low blow at Nene by saying her bangs looked glued on to her forehead, but what Nene said was inexcusable. She implied, rather she didn’t imply, she outright said that Claudia has been around the block and then made a vicious comment about Claudia’s nether regions. To me, this just made Nene look bad, not Claudia. It made her look tasteless, crude and ignorant. When you pierce someone with verbal venom, you will look bad, not the victim of your words. Be careful what you say in anger, because once it escapes your lips, you can never take it back.

Life Lesson # 4….

I usually like Nene. Although crude and rude at times, (see above) she is very authentic. She makes no bones about her checkered past in the strip club industry, and is very candid about her plastic surgery. Nene is so honest about herself that she seems like one of those girlfriends you could talk to about anything and she would listen without judgement. You could tell her that you cheated on your taxes, test, partner or stole a fitty dolla chapstick from Sephora and she wouldn’t bat an eye lash, except to say, “child, we all been there.” What I am not feeling about Nene this season is her emphasis on riches and money. Nene, riches come in many forms, many of which are way more important than cash and material things. These riches include, Spirituality, health, wellness, good friends and family. I am sure she would rather live a healthy disease free-life than own a Cadillac.  I would hope. If you don’t have the list above, but have financial wealth, I still think you are poor. While I applaud that Nene is ambitious and has made herself money from many lucrative projects, I find flaunting her wealth is a bit much now.

Case in point:

"8 Days of NeNe" Day 3!

(Gif Source)

Life Lesson # 5….

Stop having sex parties, Kandi! They cause nothing but drama. You say in your tagline, “I ain’t ’bout the drama. Don’t start none, won’t be none. Yet, your sex parties always seem to create drama.

Well, here concludes my life lessons from the ATL housewives. If not for all this “throwing shade”, I would have no post to write, so thanks ladies. I still however have to say insults, greed, jealously and pettiness are all so very shady.

If you enjoyed this post, feel free to go on over to this post for some more housewife insights.

11 thoughts on “Life Lessons From the ATL Ladies

  1. I really need to see if Netflix has ATL Housewives (and not fall asleep watching, which I wouldn’t as I love watching this type of quality reality tv). I’ll admit I didn’t know Nene was in ATLH as I only know her from Glee and I thought she was fantastic in that! One thing you have to admire about these ladies is that they’re not afraid to speak their minds. I’ll happily admit I love watching KUWTK and Kendra if I catch them on TV (and in version original and not watching Netflix). Lesson to be learnt watching them too!

    1. I heard great reviews about her time on Glee. Of course I only watch her on ATL housewives, but I should branch out and see her in other productions. Yes, many lessons of how not to behave on reality TV! Lol.

      1. Way too many lesson to be learnt for manners, ettiequte, make up, dress, interior design to the list goes on! Equally as many I like that’s too!

  2. I enjoy reading your review so much! Thanks! I have seen the Real Beverly Hills Housewives and I find it too slow and it’s just going no where 😀
    I am not sure if I am going to watch the Atlanta ones but I do enjoy reading your review and point of view 🙂

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