Bringing the Fun Back and Falling into a Pit of Rats

A very heartfelt thanks for all your encouraging words and suggestions from all my whining in my last post.  This only confirms why I love the blogging community so much. You gave me a virtual push from afar (or should I say “pull.”) I was ready to give up on my pull-up goals, but you all helped me to pick myself up and dust myself off with a renewed spirit of confidence.

I started a pull-up challenge with my brother in-law Rick and sister Francine yesterday. They added a pull-up bar to their home gym in their basement. It really brought the fun back into this goal and made it less daunting. Rick’s goal was to do 5 unassisted pull-ups, but he polished off 10 without breaking a sweat.

IMG_2592IMG_2591Francine also wants to do one, because she said at her fittest (she was a bodybuilder in the ’80’s) she could not do one unassisted.  Fran is starting off using a step to assist in puling her chin up to the bar. This is a great starting place, and has helped and continues to help me immensely. She did a great job.

IMG_2590Now, it came to me. I was worried that I would not be able to budge and was crying for the security of the stepping stool. Then Rick had an idea I that I really liked. He measured the inches I was able to pull myself up from starting position with a tape measure. I loved the idea of measuring my progress.

IMG_2583And the verdict was……….


3 inches up from starting position! I was thrilled with this. For one, although just a bit, it told me that I can actually lift my body weight without any assistance and two, it is marking my progress through measurable results.

I think the best of us all was my nephew Malakai. Little guy was able to lift his chin pass the bar (with only a little assistance from dad Rick. And I do mean very little 🙂 We are going to meet again in two weeks to check in on our progress. Thanks to Rick and Fran who are always so supportive of my goals. (and Malakai too of course.)

IMG_2586IMG_2587Previous setback aside, I am feeling very positive. All advice I received was so beneficial, but I really loved what Dr. Lynn suggested I apply. She said to never underestimate the power of the mind. She advised I picture something I would absolutely hate to fall into and use my adrenalin to avoid falling into my biggest fear, and use this to pull myself up to the bar. This way of thinking reminded me of some sprinters who wanted to increase in speed. I have heard of sprinters who imagined they were being chased by a pack of wolves or a crazed axe man. Not wanting to get caught to pending doom, they ran even faster.

On Wednesday, my first pull-up training day of the week, I started to think of something that truly makes my skin crawl. It is said Ragnor Lodbruk, legendary Norse warrior fell to his doom in a pit of snakes at the hands of his enemy. Pretty horrific, but not enough for me. Snakes terrify Andy, but don’t bother me in the least. What truly makes me faint-worthy are rats. I really can’t handle mice either. I am terrified of beady-eyed rodents, with long, scaly tails, scurrying in subway gutters or near garbage dumps. I shudder just thinking of the squeaking.

So, on Monday, my next pull-up training day, I am going to hang onto the bar and look down in terror, to a pit of rats, all squeaking and moving about, peering at me with those beady black eyes. I will pull myself up for dear life or fall to my doom of hungry squeaking.

Lord knows I don’t want to rub elbows with anything remotely similar to this guy….


*And on a completely different note, I was excited to be featured on Rachel’s beautiful blog   Click on the link to check out my tips for staying active in winter from her Winter Fit series. If you love outdoor active living, with the beautiful backdrop of snow-capped mountains, rivers and valleys, be sure to visit her inspiring posts.

Now tell me, what are you terrified of??

20 thoughts on “Bringing the Fun Back and Falling into a Pit of Rats

  1. You go girl! Get your feet away from those rats! I’ll use this tactic when I have to start jumping walls…wolves or zombies chasing my tail! Thank you 😉

  2. Great post on Bettylivin! Winters, where I am are cold, but nowhere near as cold as Canada! It’s sunny most days, but I find on grey, rainy days, I haven’t got as much get up and go get ‘em.
    Have you looked into a light lamp that helps with S.A.D? I hear it can help.

    1. Thanks. It was fun guest posting. On your posts, the weather always looks so mild. Sunny Spain looks beautiful. I think I will look into that lamp. I’ve heard positive things about it.

      1. Sunny Spain can be cold and depressing too! The sun may shine, the but air and wind can have a bite. In January early morning was around freezing, mid day 6-8 degrees. It’s a different type of cold!

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