A Sprinkle of Health

I have seen Hemp Hearts for a while now at my local health food and grocery stores and was always curious about them and what they are exactly. So I was excited to be offered the opportunity to sample Hemp Hearts and review them through the Sweat Pink community and Manitoba Harvest.

Before trying out these little power seeds, I had to do a some research from the company. Coming from the top of the hemp plant, hemp hearts are the edible insides of the hemp seeds. They can be added to smoothies, sprinkled on salads or yogurt, as well as in a number of other healthy recipes. Grown in Manitoba Canada, the seeds are produced in a strictly hemp-dedicated facility. For further information about Hemp Hearts visit their fact sheet here.

When I posted on Instagramย  that I couldn’t wait to try Hemp Hearts, I discovered that they are well-known to many people who are making wise food choices to benefit their health and well-being.


Last week, I sprinkled a tablespoon on my chicken salad.

IMG_2548This morning, I added a sprinkle to my breakfast berry yogurt parfait.

IMG_2555The Hemp Hearts added a nice texture, and the taste was that of a subtle pine nut in my comparison. There was also a nice earthy flavor I detected as well, which made the salad pairing perfect. What I really loved learning about Hemp Hearts is the nutritional value these seeds pack. High in protein, Omega 6 and 3, fiber, as well as an array vitamins, such as, A, B1, B2, D and E. I am always looking for ways to increase my protein intake, so this is the perfect, convenient, no fuss way. As an extra bonus, the high protein content provides long-lasting energy and can curb hunger and over-eating. (info source: http://www.livestrong.com) I’ll take that, which is why I will be adding this product to my grocery list.

Now comes the fun part. Manitoba Harvest is giving away a bag of Hemp Hearts to one lucky reader. All you have to do is follow @ManitobaHarvest on IG and Twitter, tweet about the giveaway, and comment on this post.

Go for it! Health is just a sprinkle away.

Contest is open to residents of the U.S and Canada only.

20 thoughts on “A Sprinkle of Health

  1. Hemp seeds are a great source of protein like you say especially of vegans. I’m currently overindulging them with avocado and tomato on wholemeal toast. Delicious!

  2. Hemp hearts are still on my list of things to try. I see them in the store but havent commited to purchasing them yet. I have a bag of chia seeds and flax seeds still in my cabinet, adding another topping sounds fun. Your review tempts me to break down and try them!

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