Trex to Tigress Tidbits- February’s Here!

I get a little hopeful when January is over and February arrives. That means we will soon be over with winter, and February is a short month. Groundhog day has come and gone, and soon it will all be hearts and love in the air. You’ve got this, Charlotte. Don’t let S.A.D get the better of you. You’ve made it this far.

On the fitness front, we finally got in a run to prepare for the Bum Run in April last week. We ran a 3K, and hope to add another 1 to that tomorrow, weather permitting. It’s hard to run on slippery snow, ice and slush so another run has yet to be determined. It was glorious while it lasted. I loved being out in the fresh air running again with others.


Never laugh at the U.S. for getting a pounding of snow, and proclaiming, “we have no snow, and we’re supposed to be the great white North! Haha!” Karma will get you and this will happen shortly thereafter reminding you that you are indeed in Canada:


I don’t like walking in a winter wonderland.


T-Rex does TRX.  I have recently fallen in love with TRX straps. For variation I love using them to do bicep curls and tricep extensions. It is a multifunctional move because while doing the curls and extensions, you have to keep your back straight and core engaged. I am using my own body weight so it really is challenging.


I used my new and improved stronger core, arms and back the other day. I had to shovel my parents’ driveway, and I was able to shovel the whole thing (with a little help from Andy I must confess.) In the past, my little T-Rex arms couldn’t shovel for more than 10 minutes, but now I have the stamina and strength to shovel beyond half an hour. I would say that is functional fitness.

As for the diet, it is also going well. I always try to plan my meals in advance, and become a little frantic when I don’t because I really want to make sure I stay on track and not eat whatever is available out of convenience. I am abstaining from alcohol right now, because on Valentine weekend I have two functions and I know myself well enough to know I will have a few glasses of vino.



She’s Winning it! I just found out I won a copy of the book, She’s Losing it, by author and gorgeous bodybuilder Lisa Traugott. I have been following Lisa’s journey from day one and she has been a great support to me as I try to become healthier. Lisa is a wife and mom of two who was once borderline obese and lost over fifty pounds when deciding to enter a bodybuilding contest at age 38. At 40, she entered a pole dancing competition and now she’s training for the Arnold Classic. Lisa is a phenomenal lady who helps me keep things in perspective in both good and tough times from her story. I am sure her book will be a heart-warming, humorous and authentic read, as is her blog. You’ve got to check it out.

High-Resolution-Front-Cover.48372091                                            (photo source)


Have a fabulous week, and remember, February is a short month! Here is a visitor from a special friend before I sign off:

Chill people, I didn't see my shadow!
Chill people, I didn’t see my shadow!



8 thoughts on “Trex to Tigress Tidbits- February’s Here!

  1. your meals look amazing! The book looks like a great read, I will watch for it! I love stories like this very inspirational 😉 Let me know how you like it! Have you read “unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand?

    1. Thanks. I must give my husband all credit for culinary creations.
      Lisa is such a mentally strong person. I think her book will be a great read. I’ve never heard of unbroken. I just got a GC from Indigo bookstore so I’ll look for it.

  2. TRX!! We have them at my gym…definitely need to squeeze one of those workouts in soon! Oh, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much snow in real life. Yep, I’m a true Texan. lol

    1. The TRX straps are very versatile. I’ve also done planks, squats, and chest presses using them. It’s a nice change.
      I love to read your posts and see you running in the warm Texas weather…and maybe a little jealous.

  3. Shoveling snow is a challenge! I grew up in California so I only watched people on TV shovel snow. It seemed like an easy and fun task….that is until I went to visit a friend who has a house in the mountains and tried a little shoveling myself. Wow…that snow was wet and HEAVY! It wasn’t easy to move around. I was totally winded by the time we were done.

    By the way, your food looks so delicious! Made me hungry to look at it…and I JUST ate lunch.

  4. That snow looks gross. Good work with the nutrition. Those TRX straps are amazing, I love them! PS, I’m craving cucumbers after seeing that pic.

    1. Haha! The snow IS gross. Thanks for rubbing it in because I’m sure you’re walking in sand these days. I get a great challenge from the TRX straps.
      Cucumbers are said to have little nutritional content, but I really like snacking on them.

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