Now I’m Getting Advice from a Snowman.

I think Olaf (the lovable snowman in Disney’s Frozen) and me are kindred spirits. Although we both live in climates that are cold for at least five months out of the year, we daydream of warmer pastures, signs of Spring and ahead to summer. Don’t ever ask a group of Kindergarten girls who Olaf is, by the way. You are just setting yourself up to go deaf. I asked a couple of four and five-year old girls who Olaf was when Frozen first came out and I got, “HE’S THE SNOWMAN FROM FROZEN!!!” screeched in my ear in unison at that. Talk about your ears ringing.

I know there is still a long time away from the first bud of Spring on the trees, but I think I am getting a dose of the SADS again. Seasonal Affective Disorder. There is not much snowfall, but it is cold. Last week was bitter. That wind! The trees look so dreary and depressing. I don’t feel like leaving the house unless absolutely necessary on cold, damp, sunless days.

Just another cold, gloomy day……


Take this morning for example. I used my last good sponge to wash the dishes and it got very dirty. Instead of going across the street to the dollar store to buy more sponges, I just ripped up an old tee-shirt and I have been washing dishes with that. Had it been warm and sunny, I would have made the trip to buy those sponges. I hate the darkness I live in from January to April(ish). I miss the sun. Which reminds me, I must stock up on vitamin D.

Last week at work, Debbie (the kindergarten teacher) read “How to be Happy” written by Olaf himself. Although I was busy doing stuff in the classroom, I was listening to Olaf’s advice. I gotta tell ya, that is one positive snowman. I stopped what I was doing, and sat down to listen even more intently.

Olaffrozen                                       (photo source)

From the wise words of Olaf. One piece of advice being, look forward to something positive or exciting. I miss running, but I detest running in the bitter cold. It is cruel and unusual punishment. So, Lisa, Mary and I looked on Toronto Races dot-com and found a few 5k’s that we want to run. The Bum run, which raises money for colorectal cancer is in April and the Spring Fling run is in June. If the weather is not so that are faces are burning and we can’t feel our toes, we hope to start training next week at least two days per week.

Look at that running bum.

   (Photo source and bum run info)

Another Olaf suggestion. Go out and live. You live in the cold so stop complaining and just deal with it. I really want to try snowshoeing, but first there must be snow. It has only snowed once and the snow didn’t last too long. I used to like to skate, but I can’t risk falling and breaking something at this point in my life.

Finally, warm hugs help and feeling positive and thankful. Always try to see things on the bright and sunny side (although there literally is no sunny side right now.) In the words of Elsa, “Let it go.” So I am going to try to push on this winter, and apply some of Olaf’s tips. There is no reason for me to be sulking about the season, but rather I should be appreciating that I am able to experience the season. Right Olaf? By the way, don’t ask a group of five-year old girls who Elsa is. Big mistake if you value hearing.

12 thoughts on “Now I’m Getting Advice from a Snowman.

  1. Or as Monty Python says’ Always look on the bright side of life!’. You go girl with the 5km training. Wrap up warm (doh!) and within 10 minutes your motor should be running! Sending you lots of Spanish sunshine, though it’s raining today! xo

  2. I’m leaving the greatest climate in the world soon. I’ll be sure to look forward towards positivity and excitement when I have to deal with seasons again. Such sound, practical advice. Thanks Char.

    1. I truly must give all credit to Olaf. 🙂 It will be a hard adjustment if you have SAD like me. This was something I never dealt with in Mexico. It is hardest especially the weeks after Christmas. Enjoy your warm climate while still there.

  3. I am originally from Maine and even if I like the cold, I no longer have to endure it 6 months a year. It hardly goes below freezing here. I don’t mind running if it is cold. But I hate running in the rain, even in the summer.
    Olaf has some good advice.

  4. Char, I love the movie Frozen. Take all advice from Frozen, especially Elsa…Let it GO! The cold never bothered you anyway. Olaf rocks take his advice too! You got this, hang in there this winter!

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