Trex to Tigress Tidbits- Holiday Edition

I hope everyone is enjoying the season so far, and not getting overly stressed from commitments, cooking, baking and shopping. Remember, there is no better way to beat stress than exercise. Speaking of exercise, I am still hitting the gym hard. Yesterday Andy and I went to cook dinner for my mom and dad, because my mom is feeling under the weather, and dad can’t boil an egg. Call it a generation thing, but mom is the cook of their household. Anyways, I had planned to go to the gym, but didn’t have the time to go to the gym and take care of mom. Then I remembered. She has a weight bench with free weights and a squat rack in her basement. I could workout and just be a floor away if she needed me. Although the bench is pretty rickety, I did manage to do a great leg workout, complete with burpees, squats, lunges, and leg curls without the bench collapsing under my weight while squeaking and shaking with each hamstring curl. I also planked and did some good old Russian twists with the medicine ball.

Mom and dad’s rickety home gym:


I have also been participating in Autumn’s challenge. The challenges are doable and only take a few minutes out of a busy day, but focus on the whole body. Be sure to visit Autumn’s blog. Not only is she a personal trainer, but she is incredibly positive and encouraging.

seventh-day                                 (Source)

As for my healthy eating plan it is going pretty well, despite a few minor setbacks. I have been eating very clean during the week.


Last weekend, we celebrated a great lady’s 80th birthday. Mom’s of course! We took her to a nice steakhouse and I had a slice of cake and some wine after my sole and vegetable medley dinner. Mom holds up her certificate of recognition for turning 80 from Canada’s Prime Minister:

IMG_1021This past weekend my friend Roxanne hosted a girls night Christmas potluck. We had lasagna, Caesar salad, quinoa salad, shrimp fried rice and jerk chicken wings. I had a bit of everything, and I am pleased to say I stuck with my two drink limit. I did indulge a wee bit too much on cheesecake that night. Who could blame me? It was mocha chocolate cheesecake.

Christmas potluck complete with Christmas crackers. And yes, Roxy made us wear the goofy crowns.
Christmas potluck complete with Christmas crackers. And yes, Roxy made us wear the goofy crowns.

The following day, I went to celebrate our friend Catherine’s birthday. Catherine plays the steel pan with Andy in the same band. Eating was not the greatest, I must admit. Catherine served deliciously decadent homemade mini meat pies for an appetizer. The crust was perfectly flaky and light. I think I had about 5 or 6 mini pies. It’s true what they say, never go to a party on an empty stomach. You’re setting yourself up as a pie monster. I also had a few glasses of vino.

Wine bottle Santa made me do it:


Andy and I take a photo with fabulous birthday girl, Catherine. I love her hair scarf.

I have also been enjoying the festive season at work. I love seeing all the cute Christmas crafts in the classrooms and on the walls in the hallways. The kids have the funniest graphic shirts this season.



IMG_2383I think this shirt that Ayden wore is my fave:

IMG_2385I love decorating my little condo. It makes me feel very Christmassy.

Whooo has the holiday spirit?
Whooo has the holiday spirit?



Tomorrow is my work party, where there will be more food and drinks. I will think of all my goals and commit to staying in control of my choices.

Enjoy the rest of your week, and remember…stress relief is only a workout away.

8 thoughts on “Trex to Tigress Tidbits- Holiday Edition

  1. I’m so impressed with how well you’ve stuck with your exercise and healthy eating this month! You’re so right though about how exercise relieves stress! Christmas has started to stress me out a bit this week. 😦 I better hit the gym.

    I love your parent’s home gym too and am so impressed you fit a workout in. Happy 80th to your mom as well! Kev’s mom turns 80 next month!

    1. Hi Melanie. I just find my stress melts away once I get moving. I hope Christmas doesn’t stress you out too much this year. I know how hard this time of year is.
      Thank-you and best wishes to Kev’s mom as she reaches this milestone birthday!

  2. I have a special fondness for rickety home gyms, I like the element of fear they bring to the workout! Get your heart pumping… LOL You are just amazing and that is why I just love you! Thank you for the Shout out! xoxo Youre the best

    1. Yes, that’s so true about the rickety gyms! Will I finish this workout without breaking anything….machine or body part? Lol.
      Right back at ya kiddo! Your daily challenges are tough, but fun. Have a blessed season.

  3. Everyone’s pie monster selves come out during the holidays. Good to hear that you kept up with workouts during the holidays. Takes a lot of discipline. Good for you! Also, your parents have a squat rack in their basement? Impressed!

    1. Thanks. It can be hard to keep up with exercising during this time, but I am pretty determined. Those pies! So good. After my mom had knee surgery, her physio entailed some weight training. She still does leg curls, but not squats. Haha.

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