This is Going to be a Great Chapter

I have seen a quote on social media quite a bit in the past few days. It is along the lines of making the last chapter of your 2014 book a good one. Although this quote can mean different things to different people, the quote really sums up how I feel with my physical fitness. You may have stumbled upon this post waaaay back. I am not a fan of resolutions personally. I think a good time to make positive changes is any time you are ready both physically and mentally to make it happen.Β  I am so motivated to see that many people are trying to remain active and make healthy food choices throughout the holidays and encouraging others too. The mentality of, “I’ll just start again in the New Year” is becoming a thing of the past. These motivational folks have no idea how much they are helping me to have a fit and fabulous December. So, thank-you. I have never been a huge fan of all these challenges, ab challenge, plank challenge and tight glutes challenge, but I am beginning to see the benefit. Having a challenge in December is a fantastic way to help people stay active and set goals. It sets the tone (no pun intended) for a healthy and happy start to the New Year.

As Cynthia Bailey would say, don’t get it twisted ya’ll! (yes, still watching those ladies from the ATL) I plan on enjoying my favourite holiday treats over the next few weeks, but I also plan to be cognizant and in control. Let’s be realistic, I have a few functions to attend and I won’t be eating just carrots sticks and egg whites. I was not at all careful about food choices over the Thanksgiving weekend, and the repercussions were not good. However, that was only two days. With my personal struggles, the goals go out the window over a span of weeks and just not caring anymore. This in the past would happen over the month of December. Not this year. I do not want to over-do-it, and set myself back and all the hard work I have achieved in the past few months. When I look at the proverbial big picture, it’s simply not worth it. I plan to be active and continue with my goals. God willing, I will take advantage of classes such as Zumba, HIIT and Cardio Tone that are usually packed in January and people getting ready for their bikini bodies in the spring, but are dead in the month of December. I was very sick last December (there was a terrible bug going around at school) and I was not able to workout at all, but if my health is all in order this year I really want to hit the gym at least four days per week.

Some challenges for December:




Love this fitness tree. Do something active on each ball:




This last chapter of the year is going to be great. This last chapter will have a happy ending and one that I can look back and be proud of. I truly hope your last chapter is wonderful.



14 thoughts on “This is Going to be a Great Chapter

  1. I love this post! In years past, I also threw all caution to the wind during the holidays and the end result wasn’t pretty. I’m determined to keep it healthy this month. I love the challenges you shared too!

  2. Wow! That’s brilliant idea! I should have one of these calendars to make my exercise more exciting! Maybe I created one in January – after the festive calendar πŸ˜€
    Best wishes for your December program πŸ™‚

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