If it was Good Enough for Jesus….

This time of year I always look forward to two fruits that are mainly reserved for the holiday season, pomegranates and tangerines. As a part of my immune system boosting this cold and flu season, I bought my first pomegranate of the season and plan to include it on my weekly shopping list. This fruit always reminds me of Jesus. Pomegranate must have been a central part of his diet being indigenous to that region, along with dates, figs, nuts and fish. Hey, if eating a healthy diet, why not follow Jesus’ clean eats? He did treat his body like a temple after all.  I can’t imagine that there were a lot of cases of high blood pressure and obesity in those days.  The Biblical diet seems extremely healthy (I’m also pretty sure they enjoyed a glass of vino from time to time.) Once removed from the skin and bitter white rind, these juicy little seeds have big health benefits.


Health Benefits of pomegranate:

  • Reduces the risk of prostate cancer and lowers PSA levels
  • Provides antiviral and antibacterial protection
  • High in vitamin C
  • Promotes joint health

(source Healing Foods)

I used to avoid buying pomegranates because they are just such a pain to de-seed. Then I read Jamie Oliver’s method on his blog to open and de-seed this luscious super fruit and life with the pomegranate was made a bit easier.

1. Cut the pomegranate in half.

2. Turn skin side up. Hold with fingers spread, so seeds can fall freely.  Place bowl underneath to gather seeds.

3. Hit pomegranate with a large wooden spoon vigorously until seeds fall out. This is where you can release any pent up aggression.

4. Remove any pieces of sour white rind from bowl.

Enjoy sprinkled on top of your favourite salad, or try out this recipe found in the book Healing Foods.

Superfood Salad:

Combine pomegranate seeds with pear, pineapple and orange segments, chopped fresh mint and lettuce. Drizzle with a honey-sweetened dressing.

I also add pomegranate seeds to Greek yogurt or simply enjoy on their own.

Do you enjoy pomegranates?

8 thoughts on “If it was Good Enough for Jesus….

  1. I love pomegranates too and use the “beat it with a wooden spoon” method too. I think I’ll go grab one now to enjoy while I watch Newsroom! Yumm.

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