There’s no Place like home- A beginner’s Guide to Creating a Workout Space

Do you want to get into better shape, but can’t afford a gym membership? Then it may be time to consider building a gym to workout in the comfort of your home. You don’t have to break the bank or buy an elaborate Bowflex type of apparatus. Getting and staying into shape doesn’t have to be expensive or complex. I went over to my neighbourhood Target and found all kinds of goodies in their fitness/active living department to build an ideal home gym to fit almost any budget. So clear out that space in the spare bedroom or basement you have been meaning to de-clutter and get your gym ready.

Home Gym Necessities:

1. Hand held dumbbells-  If you are just starting out with strength training, a set of 5 pound dumbbells is all you need in the initial stages. These dumbbells were on sale at 7.99 each. Of course you will need to purchase two. As your strength increases you can add heavier weights to your collection.



2. If your preference is resistance bands:



3. A Yoga mat is the perfect surface, not only for Yoga but for slip free stretching or push-ups.


4. Cardio is an important component to any fitness routine. You can do equipment-free jumping jacks or jogging on the spot to get your heart rate up. Skipping is also a great cardiovascular exercise. This rope was priced at:


All four items for keeping it very basic just coming in at around 50.00 dollars (without sales tax here in Can.)

As your fitness level increases you can add more equipment to your gym. You don’t need to buy the equipment all at once. Simply add to your gym as your budget allows.

Additional equipment:

A medicine ball:


A pull-up bar:



A kettlebell:


Equipment in total: 129.42 (tax not included)

Not a bad price to pay for becoming a healthier you.

There you have it. A gym from home that you can build upon and add to as you become fitter, and buy at your own financial pace. Looking for the camaraderie that a gym provides? Why not invite a friend or two over to workout with you a few times per week? Entice him/her with a glass of wine, I mean a smoothie, yes a smoothie after your workout.

Getting in shape can suit almost any budget. For a complete beginner home gym workout click here. I tried this workout this evening by celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese which is perfect and safe for beginners. There are many home gym DVD’s and YouTube workouts to choose from. Now go start clearing out those boxes of clothes from the ’80’s in your basement!

What would be your ultimate home gym essential?

*It is advisable to consult with your doctor before starting this or any new exercise routine. Physical ability and over all health and safety must be considered first and foremost.







15 thoughts on “There’s no Place like home- A beginner’s Guide to Creating a Workout Space

  1. Quite a useful post as many people don’t know how and where to start creating a home gym. Most end up buying stuff from night TV which promise magical results when in fact they don’t even work.

  2. my hubs didn’t want to come to crossfit with me so for xmas last year I got him and barbell, 300lbs of bumper plates, and a rack. He said he would do it at home…all that gear sits down there unused, beside our treadmill and full nautilus machine. 😦 really wish he would go down and use it. maybe I should sell it all and get him a crossfit membership at my box and just drag him along when I go!!!

    1. Maybe he’d be more dedicated in your box. Two Crossfitters in one home would be a whole lotta fitness!
      I ended up using my bike as a place to dry my clothes on. I hated cycling at home, so now my friend has my stationary and she loves it.

    1. That would be great. I’m sure there are spin bike workouts you can download or find on YouTube for home. The spin studio at my gym got rid of all the old bikes and updated to new ones. The old ones are on sale at $700.

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