Flavourful Food

Since making adjustments towards eating healthier, I have reduced a lot of salt in my cooking and have turned to other ingredients to add flavour to my food. Those pre-packaged seasonings for meat dishes are often very high in sodium, so I always try my best to use fresh culinary herbs and root vegetables.

What I use to reduce salt:

Are you going to Scarborough Fair? Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme…

Dill-This herb has a light almost minty taste. Fresh dill pairs nicely with salmon and various fish. I also steam it and add it to rice dishes and garnish for my salads.

Health benefits- Some studies suggest that dill helps to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


Thyme- I always make time for thyme and it is now a staple on my grocery list. I use it in many dishes, including, adding it in ground meat for sauce or meatballs, to stews and soups, to season chicken, as well as my vegetable rice pilaf. I remove the tiny green leaves from the stem and into the pot they go.

Health benefits- Thyme can help prevent colds and flu and is an anti-oxidant.


As Rosemary is to the spirit, so lavender is to the soul…

Cilantro- With its unique taste, I use cilantro in dishes that require no cooking. It adds a rich green colour and delicious taste in salsa and goes especially nicely with a mango salsa. Cilantro also pairs brilliantly as a garnish to your fish tacos and on your fresh salads.

Health benefits- Not just a pretty garnish, cilantro is an immune boosting, anti-oxidant that can aid the body in removing toxins.

IMG_2290Rosemary-Thanks to Rosie, I can add a certain something to my marinade rubs. I add olive oil, rosemary, fresh garlic, pepper, a little sea salt and rub over my roast. I let sit in fridge overnight before cooking. I also use rosemary to season poultry or add to grilled vegetables.

Health benefits- reduces inflammation and can lower the risk of heart and liver disease.


Honourable mentions:  Fresh garlic, red onions and ginger cannot go unnoticed. All of these vegetables are a must to enhance the flavour profile in stir-fries, soups and stews. Sprinkle your diced garlic over grilled vegetables to enhance flavour.


Herbs for the Wine…

You cannot go wrong with red wine paired with red meat.  I drizzle red wine over roasts, steaks and beef medallions before cooking to marinate. A cap full of vino tinto is a fantastic addition in meat sauce and beef stew.



What are your cooking essentials?

Resource: Health benefits found in the book Healing Foods- Eating Your Way to Better Health.

14 thoughts on “Flavourful Food

  1. Oh I love all of your ideas for replacing salt. I need to work on that one! And, I always sing that Simon and Garfunkel song whenever I cook with parsley, sage, rosemary or thyme. Ha ha!

  2. I have a small herb garden that I use during the summer. I really miss it when winter comes. I love all the fresh herbs. the one that i use most frequently is parsley/cilantro, I always run out of that first. Love your apron, super cute!

    1. Isn’t cilantro great? I don’t use much parsely, but I should find more ways to implement it. I really like it.
      My sister’s apron. Lol. It definetly is true for her “cooking techniques.”

  3. Oh man I absolutely can’t do cilantro. To me it tastes like that sour taste you get when you… well, you probably know… There could be one tiny little dash of it in a whole meal and it will ruin it for me! Anyway that’s just me, not taking away from your post just thought I’d share my story. haha Great blog!

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