I’m Not Narcissistic or a Creepy Photo Snapper. I’m a Blogger

Ahhhh, the life of a blogger. This post title sounds like it should be on someecards.com.  I have been “online journaling” for about two years and I think the most difficult part is getting the right photos to share on a post. When I first began blogging, I thought about not putting my image in my posts. Then I reconsidered. I feel people like putting a face to a blog. I compare it to when someone is always talking about their eccentric ex-boyfriend John or gorgeous, fashionista friend Jane, and then they show you a picture of these folks. Their rantings and musings about John and Jane are so much more intriguing. Why? They put a face to their stories. If you are blogging about the intimate details of your life or very personal, clandestine thoughts then you may want to keep your mug out of your posts. For example, if your blog was called, My Obsession with Kim Kardashian or My Obsession with Feet or My Life as a Gambling Addict, I could see why someone would want to remain completely anonymous under such circumstances. I, however, blog about trying to become healthier and fitter, so why not share my image in my posts?

6e5ae0e46b142b5b69ccb03a57d522fdf6                  Source: someecards.com (lol-ing)

Back to photos. I always find this a challenge. For some posts, I take the odd selfie. You may have read my musings on selfies before. I feel a tad awkward taking them. If I am doing a post say about, my sweaty gym session, I may want to add a picture with my perspiration-filled, sweaty face glowing face at the end of the post for effect. I always feel as though I have to quickly sneak the selfie in before anyone at the gym catches me. I fret that someone may think, look at that grown-a*# woman taking a gym selfie. Pitiful. Up until now I have managed to sneak the selfies in before anyone discovers me. Should someone discover me mid-selfie, I have even thought of what to say, which is this (tell me what you think.) “Oh, I blog. I have to take a photo of my sweaty face for the post I’m writing.” Convincing?

Note the selfie below. I snapped this one at the gym for a post I was working on. Notice not the upper lip ‘stache (I was planning on waxing after the gym) but do notice the  worrisome, please nobody walk in this studio now, please, please door don’t open yet, look in my eyes:

IMG_0818As for taking photos of others, I always ask permission instead of trying to sneak them, as that could be asking for trouble. For example, I am writing a post about a new class I tried at my gym. I wanted to get a shot of the instructor demonstrating an exercise, so I contacted the gym for permission about writing the piece, and I also asked the instructor if it was okay if I took her photo while she was teaching. Thankfully, it was a-okay on all fronts. If I were to sneak a photo during said class, and the instructor caught me, I would say (tell me what you think) “Oh, I blog. Can I take a photo of you lunging?” Even though I was already in the process of taking the photo. I’ll ask. Plain and simple.

My favourite type of photos consist of when I am out in nature and may see something beautiful. An Autumn tree with bright red and yellow leaves, a sunrise that looks as though it was painted by nature’s brush, or a babbling brook on a hiking trail.

Love taking these:IMG_1188Let’s face it, we humans are visual creatures. We like imagery. We like to see things that are beautiful, inspiring, mesmerizing and vibrant. This is why I love reading all your blogs. Your photos. As well as your writing, your photos tell your story. Also…..in keeping with the theme, I’m on Instagram. Let me see your sweaty selfies, pets, cute bambinos, travels, Yoga salutations, zen gardens, workout sessions, delicious eats and general fun. I follow back! Wow me with your photos and I will try to with mine @ trextotigress

Now it’s your turn. Fill in the blank “Do you mind if I take a photo of you/your__________? Oh, it’s for my blog.”

10 thoughts on “I’m Not Narcissistic or a Creepy Photo Snapper. I’m a Blogger

  1. Love this post!! Oh I can totally relate. Its one of the biggest hurdles I face as a blogger. I often add other pics that Ive taken, but my selfies are lacking. I need to work at that, I agree its fine line to walk, between awkwardness feeling taking them because its such a new concept for my generation. Sometimes I feel less mature after Ive taken one…sometimes I feel like I should just ‘BE’ in the moment and enjoy it…rather than stop everything to take a picture of everything. I guess I need to sort out how I feel myself about selfies and resolve it. Because I apparently I have mixed feelings when it comes to them. 🙂

    1. Say yes to more selfies! I think it’s definitely a generation gap thing for me. I agree. Let’s say it is what it is and just go with it. Living in the moment is necessary and not worrying too much.

  2. I agree with you 1000% on the photos. But yes it is hard to talk about yourself all the time, THEN decide to take a bunch of selfies to support all the talking. My daughter scolds me every time she thumbs through the images on my phone. It goes with the territory as a writer, but just know that it’s all worth it in the end because we love all your words and images! In terms of what I think for responses about said images, I have been a SHAMELESS promoter of my blog and use every single opportunity I can to talk about it. So. In your case I would suggest “Oh, I have a blog where I post embarrassing pictures of myself and tell tall tales about fitness. You should check it out! It’s http://www.fromtrextotigress.com :)” You’re gonna laugh, but I even printed up business cards for my blog in the wee early days and handed them out for extra effect. You’d be amazed who you can get to your site. Consider it!

    1. You are a genius, Cass! I love this idea. Thanks very much for your kind thoughts. I really hope these pitiful selfies are worth it. If you love reading my blog then I’m gonna keep on keeping on!

  3. Oh, I can relate to this post 100%! When I first started blogging, I didn’t want to post pics of myself either, but then I realized that I enjoyed blogs where I was able to get to know the blogger. Soooo, I sucked it up and started taking and posting pictures. I always feel like a dweeb taking selfies and I think I always will. I’ve taken pics at the gym too and I always hope no one notices! LOL!

    1. Great, you can relate. Lol! See, it’s difficult taking pictures. That’s why i like taking pictures of trees and nature, you don’t need permission. I always try to sneak in those gym shots. I’m happy I get to see your lovely face on your blog.

  4. Sometimes I feel like the pressure of having a solid repertoire of pics for blog entries starts to dictate my daily decisions regarding what I’m doing and where I’m going. I have two upcoming blog entires. One tells the story of how Medellin is the plastic surgery capital of the world while the other is about gym life in Medellin deserving it’s own reality show. You can guess where this is going. I’ve asked and photographed about 40 scantily clad women in the last two months. I swear, if someone got a hold of my camera, the “it’s for my blog” line might not come close to working!

    PS: I started the piece for the guest post bit as well. I think you’re gonna like it!

    Happy blogging!

    1. Really excited about your guest post. I’m sure I’ll love it as will readers.
      If I were to see the photos of the scantily clad ladies on your phone/camera, I would think, sure it’s for a “blog.” Because I know that you write, and you’re an all around nice guy, I know it’s for the blog. 😉
      I saw a documentary about the insane amounts of cosmetic surgery that goes on in South America. The stats were sky high, but the woman in that region are simply gorgeous. Can’t wait to read that post as well.

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