Get in the Game!

This post was sponsored by The Fitness Games through their partnership with Fit Approach. I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided the Platinum Version of the application for review. As always, all opinions are my own.

imageAre you ready to be virtually motivated? Would you like to challenge someone to the ultimate test of strength and endurance globally or locally? Or how about challenging yourself for a personal best? Then, The Fitness Games are here! I was given the opportunity to try the unique new app, The Fitness Games and I found it more innovative and fun than any other fitness application I have ever used. The app is very user-friendly, (even for the technologically challenged like myself) as you add users to the app via their usernames, and challenge others in the categories of strength, cardio, cross training or full body workouts for time and/or weight lifted. You can also accept challenges from other users. At work while your opponent is completing the challenge during the day? Is your opponent in a different time zone or continent? No matter, the cool feature is that you can complete the challenge as your individual schedule allows, and results of wins and losses will be available once both users have completed the challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of workout options in all four categories.

I had so much fun challenging my workout partners. Here I am completing a Body weight Madness Challenge. First opponent, myself:

Plank walkouts. First round and smiling:

IMG_2079Second round of plank walkouts. Ok, this feels like a challenge now. Here is my, “this is not easy face:”


My results after workout is complete and the challenge is submitted for scoring:

imageChallenging another user to a Full body circuit for time and weight lifted:



 IMG_0811The Get Off My Back Challenge. Yesterday’s workout:

IMG_0807 IMG_2125









It’s 2014 and this app is paving the way for a fun and interactive way to connect fitness lovers  worldwide, whether you are new to fitness, at the intermediate or advanced level. There is something for everyone, the weight-trainer, the cyclist, runner or lovers of Tabata/Insanity like circuits.  I am already looking forward to challenging more users this week. Try something new, break out of a plateau and…..

Let the Games Begin!


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