Boulder Shoulders

A couple of months ago LeBron James was front and centre in the news. His announcement that he is returning to Cleveland had residents cheering and celebrating in the streets. Andy is a huge basketball fan, and of course he was watching all the coverage on the sport networks. He especially followed The Heat, being a former Miami local. I am not much into basketball, but when I watched with Andy last season and The Heat was in the finals, what I did always notice was the size of LeBron’s shoulders. Wowza! Make that a double wowza! Those things are like boulders. I said to Andy, Colorado should add another basketball franchise to their state called the Colorado Boulders, and LeBron should sign with them because of those massive things. Their Jersey would just have a graphic of Lebron’s shoulders. I might be on to something here. Now, this segues beautifully into what this post is all about. Shoulders.

Would you look at the size of those things? They're almost as big as the basketball.
Would you look at the size of those things? They’re almost as big as the basketball.  (photo source)

As a natural t-rex, I am constantly searching for shoulder workouts to apply to or change my routine once in a while. I love working my shoulders and seeing any progress because they are so darn hard to add any mass or growth to. While researching shoulder workouts, I came across this killer move. A three-part drop set, which includes, Arnold Presses, palms facing in presses and palms facing out presses.

Here is the demonstration:

I do this for about 2 or 3 super-sets (resting between each set.) Can I tell you, my shoulders are on fire by the second set. They begin to get sore and fatigued during the sets, not afterwards. Of course I always ensure to do a good shoulder stretch after completing the super sets.

I was actually going to do the demonstration above and just link to the resource, but my “it’s burning face” ain’t camera-friendly. Trust me, you’re much better off seeing the lovely Elaine Morales execute the movements with ease and grace and without my clenched teeth or excessive grunting. Try it out and be prepared to feel the burn.

*I do not advise executing this or any exercise program without first consulting your doctor or certified fitness professional, especially if just starting. Limitations, injuries and safety must always be considered first and foremost. *


14 thoughts on “Boulder Shoulders

    1. Could explain all the deep, intense burning. I will definitely check out your link. I’m always open to learning more. I’ve seen so many variations from various fitness professionals, to tell you the truth it can be confusing. Some people start with palms in and shoulders down, some start with palms out and twist in at top. Thanks for sharing. This leaves more for me to learn as a novice.

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