Not all Wining and Dining

I realized that my last few posts were all about food, festivals and wine. It hasn’t all been wining and dining this summer (not nearly as much as I’d like you to believe 😉 It seems as though I have not been near the gym, but rest assured, I have been working hard in and out of the gym.

I have been jogging at the local high school track:

IMG_2005I don’t have a fancy, shmancy Garmin or any kind of gadget, so I enjoy track jogging. It helps me keep track of mileage through counting laps.

I have been planking up a storm:

IMG_1997I have been hanging around a lot with this big fella:

IMG_1861We used to be sworn enemies. Now we are quite close and I’ve been back rowing the big kahuna for about 5 repetitions and I’m feeling very proud of myself. This has been a long time goal of mine. Take note folks, don’t give up. What seems daunting now, will be soon be attainable.

I have been stair running at the train station after the morning rush has finished:

img_00561 Great for the glutes I might add.

I have been meal prepping:

IMG_1811I have been squatting my heart out:

IMG_2004 I continue to work diligently on my pull ups. Still all assisted, but I continue to work at it. So it hasn’t been all festivals, fun and wine. It’s been festivals, fun, food, wine and fitness. Always fitness.
















10 thoughts on “Not all Wining and Dining

  1. I spy… with my little eye, a pink spoon! Love the HS Track, this time of year , I use every excuse to exercise outside. Winter is tooo long, and soon enough we will be cooped up inside. Dinner looks amazing! Yum

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