A Night Out. 20’s vs. 40 plus

I was getting ready for an evening out to meet a friend downtown for dinner. I made sure to check for all my necessities before leaving, purse, keys, phone, lastly a coat of lipstick then out the door. Oops, wait, there’s one more thing. Did I remember to pluck my chin hair? Welcome to the delightful world of getting ready in your 40 plus years. In my twenties, it was just chose outfit, grab keys, cash, lipstick and done. As you reach a more mature stage in your life, your routine changes somewhat. So, in good humour, I posted this on my FB wall:

Getting ready for a night out in your 20’s:

How’s my lipstick?

Getting ready for a night out in your 40’s:

How’s my chin hair?

This status update created a whole slew of comments from 40 plus ladies chiming in with how things have changed since reaching a certain age. I would like to share them with you because they gave me a good laugh. So without further delay.

Getting Ready for a Night out in your 20’s:

Is this dress tight enough?

Getting Ready for a Night out at 40 plus:

Do I need my spanx under this dress?–  Anita

In your 20’s:

How’s my hair? Does it look frizzy?

And at 40 plus:

How’s my hair? Should I have dyed my roots?– Camille

Can’t forget to bring_____in my purse in my 20’s:

My lip gloss

Can’t forget to bring_____in my purse at 40 plus:

My reading glasses. I may need to see the menu.– Lady D

Staying up all night in your 20’s:

Awesome! The club doesn’t close until 3:00am.

Staying up “late” at 40 plus:

It’s 11:30pm already? It’s pass my bedtime.- Meena

At the pub/bar in your 20’s:

I hate that bartender! He carded me!

At pub/bar at 40 plus:

I love that bartender! He carded me!– Julie

With your cell phone on a night out in your 20’s:

Wait. Lemme take a selfie.

With your cell phone on a night out at 40 plus:

These grown-a** children keep texting me to harass me for nonsense. They still can’t figure out how the dryer works.-  Tania     

I wonder if Sandra Bullock, Angela Bassette, Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez have these 40 plus problems? I’m sure they do. They’re human just like us, except they have a team of beauticians, personal trainers, wardrobe personnel and dieticians to help them along their mature way.  All I know is right now my tweezers are my BFF.

Before I close this post, I just want to thank all my contributors. Not only do you look young for your age, but you are also young in spirit.  Best of all, you know how to make these 40 plus problems seem a lot better with a bit of humour. Tweezers, spanx, hair dye, texting grown-a** children, reading glasses, early bedtimes and all, may we never lose the gift of laughter.

20-something purse essentials:






40-something purse essentials:


14 thoughts on “A Night Out. 20’s vs. 40 plus

    1. Thanks Wendell. I’m actually glad those days are gone. I was never a party person to begin with but a movie on the couch with popcorn and bed by 10 is my favourite old lady activity.

  1. Ha! My first chin hair appeared on the same day my fourteen year old son announced he thought maybe he should start shaving. Ten years later, he still barely needs to shave, and I’m still plucking that baby. My favorite quote above — 11:30 already? Although with me, it’s 9:30 already? Cheers!

    1. Hello. Thanks for visiting! It’s both sad and funny that we have the same chin growth as adolescent boys, expect I’m sure your son is happy for his. Yes, a late night for me is 10:00.

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