My Accountibility Report Card for this Weekend

I anticipated it was going to be a rough one this weekend in the way of clean eating. The long civic holiday weekend.  Carnival, Island Soul, gatherings and waaaay too much food, drink and general merry-making antics. Glad to report, I was wrong. I did not stray too far from my healthy lifestyle goals and overall I did just fine.

If I were to grade myself, my report card would look something like this:

Healthy food choices: A
Implemented my alcohol limit plan: B
Remained physically active and continued with my workouts: C

I felt that the most difficult part of carnival weekend was staying on course during the parade route, and not breaking down and eating my way through crowds, floats and dancing revelers. I made sure to have a protein smoothie before I left home, and found some pretty good food at the parade. I found vendors that were selling, “authentic Caribbean Cuisine” that was low in sodium and no MSG added. I had BBQ chicken, green salad and red beans and rice. I could taste from the rice that the meal was low in sodium. The food was not salty, but flavorful. I did enjoy a few libations (as I predicted), but again I stuck to my goal of only one or two drinks, which consisted of wine spritzers, shandies and red wine. I did not workout as I hoped to,  but I did a lot city walking. Today, I hit the gym hard and it felt great. My shoulders are still angry with me from working so hard, but they will thank me later.  I will share the “shoulder boulder” workout I found on with you later in the week. For now, back to the Carnival frivolity.

As for the parade it was a lot of fun as usual. Every year on this weekend, Toronto becomes a Caribbean Oasis with food, music and dance. Andy and I were neither feathered, bejeweled or sparkly, so we had to enlist help from our friends:

Andy and Raisha
Andy and Raisha


Kerry-Ann and me.
Kerry-Ann and me.


Here are more scenes from partying in the streets:


Andy does what he loves best
Andy does what he loves best


On Sunday, we went to the Island Soul festival at the Harbourfront. I enjoyed a glass of red while people watching at the dock.



I did break my resolve on Sunday at the Harbourfront when I indulged in one of these babies:











It was rich, decadent and I enjoyed every gooey bite. It’s all good though. I deserved the indulgence. I was very mindful this weekend and my attitude about treating myself has changed immensely. I no longer look at treats as “good” or “bad.” I am no longer an all or nothing type of person. I have adopted the attitude of treating myself from time to time, making sure to remain active, enjoying my indulgences and moving on. Life is all about living and eating an ice-cream sandwich in the summer. Hey, the Caribbean came to the city after all, and we all know how laid back the islands are.



9 thoughts on “My Accountibility Report Card for this Weekend

  1. What a fun weekend and parade! I love all of your pictures and I think your “report card” looks great, especially considering all the fun and events!!

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