Life Lessons From the O.C Ladies

When I started blogging my main goal was to eat healthier, drink less wine and drink less wine while watching the housewives franchise. Another goal was to cut out the housewives watching all together. I did pretty well on the health goals, but the housewives watching? Not so much.  Andy detests reality TV.  He advises me to do something more productive with my time, like read a book or watch CNN. I love to read, and read a lot. It is essential that I keep abreast of world events through the news. However, my guilty pleasure is the bling, plastic and drama of the housewives.  I beg to differ with Andy.  There is a lot to be learned about human nature from these ladies. I analyze and think about how I would handle it if I was thrown into their den of cattiness, gossip and drama. So sit back and relax and let’s recap, The Dinner Party at the Beach House and the life lessons I learned from this episode. Please give me a chance. There’s some good stuff in my ending paragraph. (If you can make it that far. Hee…hee.)

New housewife, the busty, brunette Lizzie (who I think resembles a young Sofia Loren) hosted an intimate dinner party at her beautiful family beach house. It was an evening of elegance, cocktails, crashing beach waves, Polynesian dancers and a fire-eater. There was also a fire-starter, Mrs. Tamra Judge. Before the party,  Tamra “heard” that the Dubrows (an affluent O.C couple) said something untoward about the Beadors (another affluent O.C couple. Is there any other kind?) Anyhoo, Tamra felt it was her duty to let Shannon (Mrs. Beador) know about the nasty comment the Dubrows made about her. Keep it mind, a) Tamra had no idea if this was true and b) she could have just said nada to Shannon and let it go. The rumour was something about the “Dubrows wanting to take the Beadors down.” Now, the Dubrows don’t exactly seem like The Sopranos to me. Heather Dubrow is a prissy socialite and Terry Dubrow is a well-respected plastic surgeon. “Taking down” is not even a phrase that is apart of their vocabulary I would think.  Of course, Shannon became enraged. This was just Tamra controlling her emotions. Shannon Beador wanted to confront Heather Dubrow in her rage. This is just the reaction Tamra was waiting plotting for.

I have known a few Tamras in my day. People who love spreading harmless gossip or hurtful gossip. They love the victims of gossip being confronted with hurtful hearsay. Why? I believe they most likely get some kind of twisted pleasure from it. People have gossiped to me about others and gossiped about me to others. When I hear gossip, I never repeat it.  I don’t want to hurt the subject of it, and 99.9% of the time it’s untrue. It doesn’t happen nowadays, thankfully. If I was ever the victim of gossip of course it hurt and I was angry. As  I matured I learned to simply ignore it and eventually the fire-starter got bored with me from not getting a rise out of me, and just moved on. So what should Shannon Beador have done with this information and gossip? She should have just laughed it off with a remark such as, “take us down? Who do they think they are? The Sopranos?”  This would have put Tamra in her place, because there was no fire to fuel. Shannon not giving it much of a reaction would have made Tamra bored and this would have avoided the terrible confrontation she witnessed between the Beadors and the Dubrows from her fueling. Tamra was successful in this ploy. Unfortunately, Shannon allowed her to be by being a victim in the gossip.

So what did I learn from this episode? What were my profound thoughts? There will always be Tamras of the world. Those who say mean things about others just for fun, or to create a little drama. Sometimes, this may be pointed at you. Don’t be a Shannon and give them the satisfaction of wining at their game. Simply laugh it off and move on.  Don’t let your anger be the subject of their entertainment. Controlling your anger, being poised and better yet mentally strong is not something these types want to see. They want to start their fire, but you don’t have to be the gasoline. A blogger that I follow was the victim of mean internet gossip recently. What did she do? She wrote about how it hurt her and moved on. She did so in a very calm and mature manner. I was really impressed how she handled it. There was no retaliating or bashing back. Soon, the gossiper’s flames will die down, but she will still be the strong, poised, ring-dipping tigress that she is.

So ends it, my dears. Valuable life lessons from the O.C Housewives.

(Closing music please. I picture the Masterpiece Theatre theme song, with me sitting in an armchair, puffing on a pipe in a grey cardigan. Don’t you?)

My intellectual Alistair Cooke look. Sorry the cigar and this cardigan is the best I could do:

An Evening of provocative thought and exchange. The Beach House Party on the O.C Housewives
An Evening of provocative thought and exchange. The Beach House Dinner Party on the O.C Housewives.


Now that my Tom-foolery is done, answer me this. Have you ever been the victim of hurtful gossip/words? How did you handle it?


15 thoughts on “Life Lessons From the O.C Ladies

    1. I know! It’s so hard to stop watching them. Haha! A hot mess with molasses on top. Love it! Tams and Heather behaved very badly, but Shannon needs to chillax and rise above it.

  1. You are so cute with that cigar. I almost could not read this post because I have NOT seen the last several Housewives of OC!! Now I must go watch them! I have been loving New Jersey though. Love love.

    1. Lol! Thank-you. I’m trying to bring a little culture to my OC addiction. I’ve never really seen any of the NJ episodes. I’m sure it must be just as good with many life lessons.

  2. I, too, have a guilty pleasure of watching Real Housewives! My favorite seasons are OC and Beverly Hills followed closely by New Jersey! When we moved into our new house, we switched to a lower level of cable that doesn’t have Bravo and I miss it everyday! Luckily, they post the episodes online!

  3. Oh my word, I LOVE your picture! Too funny! I’ve watched a few various Housewives episodes and they are quite entertaining. I also think there’s a lot to learn from them, lol. I usually learn that I’m VERY grateful for my simple, mostly non-dramatic life. 😉

    1. Thank-you. That’s the best intellectual look I could come up with. Thank goodness I still have those cigars around from Cuba. So true, Melanie! After watching these housewives I’ll take my normal life.

  4. I have not watched OC. Ive seen the spin off HW of new york city, when Bethanny Frankel was in it. My favorite line from that show sums up what I learned. Bullys come in all shapes and disguises. Thugs in Cocktail Dresses. 😉

      1. If you need some replacment suggestions…..PBS Masterpiece and BBC are my FAVs. All.the.Masterpieces. Love Downton Abbey, The Paradise, Mr.Selfridge, Doc Martin. Or Netflix – Orange is the New Black. All highly addictive 🙂

      2. Lol! Thanks for your suggestions. I’ve heard great things about Orange is the new Black. Have to check it out. Right now I’m hooked on Vikings on History. “After the RHOC reunion the women tell all” I am done! It will be BBC all the way.

  5. Tell your hubby to pick his battles! Haha Clearly you’re smart and educated, so there’s nothing wrong with a little trashy entertainment along the way. While I don’t watch the Housewives (my mother loves them), I’m guilty of enjoying all gossip magazines while at the gym. 🙂

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