Summertime and the Vices are Plenty

I don’t know about you, but I find summer as difficult to stick with my eating plan as the holiday season. Maybe it’s even more so a challenge, because it is not so much the eating, it is the drinking. Just like the holidays, summer offers up many events, BBQ’s and backyard parties. You see, as Canadians, we are cooped up in our cabins for the greater part of the year. This winter was especially harsh. We want to emerge from our coops in an exuberant fashion, celebrating warmth, sunlight, and long balmy evenings. Usually emergence from the coops mean plenty of summery cocktails at said functions. Not only alcoholic beverages, but BBQ everything and so many desserts to choose from.

I struggle not so much with the desserts, I can refuse the strawberry shortcake or cheesecake lollipops for the fruit tray. My vice has always been alcohol since I started this journey, and it still is if I am being completely honest. I am not abusive, I would like to believe.  I do have a limit which is two cocktails per event. OK, I lied. At times, I sneak in a third if it’s especially nice and fruity. Damn you white Sangria! You were just such a perfect pairing with that shrimp. Sometimes, I drive to parties so I am not able to consume any alcohol whatsoever. Pretty snazzy thinking on my part, huh?

I don’t know if any of you live in the greater Toronto area, but every season, the LCBO (store that sells liquor, beer, wine and spirits) publishes this beautiful, glossy magazine called “Food and Drink.” Of course the food is paired with delicious alcoholic bevvies. The LCBO wants you to buy these beverages they are promoting in Food and Drink of course, and the magazine that would probably retail at five or more dollars is always free.

IMG_1855Just look at the recipes found in Food and Drink.

Take note of what is beside the featured dish:

IMG_1857IMG_1856IMG_1859All the food is partnered with a refreshing beverage on the side as you can see. Yes folks, that is summer in the city. I have been very cognizant of this, and am trying to control it with everything that is in me. Last week, I went to a cottage with a group of friends from work. We had fun, great food and of course great wine. I attended a patio party with my sister Camille, our friend Kate and our significant others. The guys had Coronas and we gals enjoyed a pitcher of Margarita.

My view from the deck at Leslie's cottage with a cool, crisp Chardonnay.
My view from the deck at Leslie’s cottage with a cool, crisp Chardonnay.

Now I ask you a little request. Please check up on me later this week to see how I am doing with my health goals. I am weak and it’s Carnival time here in Toronto. The mood is party, party, party. Grab something and wave, as well as a drink in your hand (usually something with Caribbean rum.)  I am going to be sure to really reflect on my goals, pray and take progress pictures in my ongoing attempt to stay on track. Of course I will keep you posted on how I did.

IMG_1860photo source



6 thoughts on “Summertime and the Vices are Plenty

  1. Yes! I can relate to this!! Sweets are good but I’d rather have a glass of wine any day. All about the moderation. Oh and red wine is so good for you so there’s that excuse 😉

    1. Oh me too! I was talking with this lady at the gym and we both agree that we would rather have a nice glass of wine than a cheat meal. I always try to think of the benefits of red when I enjoy a glass. Moderation is key.

  2. Im a white wine girl. Your Chardonnay on the deck reminded me of a fresh summer Mojito… I want one those too! Oy! the power of suggestion Autumn

  3. I am the opposite. I find summer easier go ear healthier. I focus on a hamburger without a bun and fruit.

    1. That’s true for me with eating. The fresh local produce, thirst quenching fruits and lean meats, I love the summer for that. My diet is clean and lean. Now if it wasn’t for those summertime cocktails!

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