The Many Moods of Exercise

The other day I got caught up in some discouraging news. Call it a setback. Without divulging details, it put me in a blah mood. Andy calls me a The Grinch when I get in these moods.  I just want to stand on top Mount Crumpit, with my hands on my hips and look down at the “who’s down in Whoville” and feel annoyed at them for no particular reason. I hope everyone has seen the Dr. Seuss classic to get the full gist of the analogy. I was in a Grinchy state of mind (and also looking a little bloated like the Grinch in the mid section, if you catch my drift ladies).

I was supposed to be going to meet my friend Desi for Tabata, and then do some upper body free weights after class. Suffice to say, in my foul mood, I did not feel like going anywhere. Then Desi texted me to let me know that she was not going to Tabata because her daughter suddenly needed a drive to work. Well, it was then and there I decided to forget it. I am not going to the gym at all.  I will sit on the couch and brood over a glass of vino (or two.)  Before delving into the Merlot, something hit me. Why should I sit on the couch? Exercise is what I need, not wine. I needed to pump happy endorphins into my body stat! I don’t know what motivated me, God sending me a message, or perhaps Michelle Lewin’s glutes on Instagram, but whatever it was I got up and got going.

My exercise breakdown comes in many moods at times. If I’m upset, discouraged, angry or sad, I still make it to the gym. Before, any minor negativity would get the better of me, or any excuse. I was the queen of lame excuses for missing a workout, such as, my friend’s mom’s hamster died. I’m too sad to go to spin. This attitude proved to be useless. Exercise has lifted me out of many a bad mood and has been there for me time and time again. The only one I can rely on to get to the gym is myself.

My Happiness Workout Meter:

10-  Happy- My heart is ten sizes bigger and I’ll cut the roast beast. 🙂
5-  halfway to happiness
1- Grinchy. I hate you, Who’s!:(

When I am not in the best mental state, my workouts start out very low on the meter. After my warm up of 5-10 minutes on the stationary bike or rowing machine, I can already feel an increase on the happiness meter.

Loading on weights for the final set of bench presses. I’m feeling a bit better.


Pull-up machine time. I’m feeling pretty good now.

IMG_1791After back rows, lat pull-downs and push-ups, I feel very good. Finally, made it to my last exercise, see-saw shoulder presses with kettle balls. I’m so glad I got off the couch and exercised. The meter is at least at 8 now. Look. Is that a smile I see?

IMG_1794By the time I stretch, I truly feel wonderful, emotionally and physically. About 9 on the meter. More importantly, I feel as though I can come up with solutions for my dilemma and feel energized. Didn’t get that promotion at work? Having some family issues? Your insurance won’t cover the entire cost of your kid’s braces? Don’t sit around and blame the Who’s! Get off that brooding butt and go for a walk, pump that iron, Zumba till you’re laughing. Exercise may not solve your problems, but it will surely give you mental clarity, a more positive attitude and energy to come up with a solution.

Now, pass that roast beast.

6 thoughts on “The Many Moods of Exercise

  1. LOVE THIS POST and I can SOOO relate! There are many times I go to the gym stressed out, depressed, overwhelmed, you name it and I always LEAVE feeling so much better. It really is amazing how much exercise helps. 😉

    1. I know, girl. It can be struggle. Two years, maybe one year ago I would always skip if feeling blue. Now I know the gym will get me feeling great, but not before the work is done.
      Thanks as always for your sweet words.

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