My Lady Lumps

Can we talk orange peel? Not the skin that covers the citrus fruit, but the type found on my thighs. I have managed to make changes to my body that I’m very proud of. I have dropped down four pant sizes, but still have cellulite on my thighs. My saddlebags are pretty much gonzo, but the stubborn cellulite remains. The lumpy, bumpy fat deposits found under the skin has been an affliction I have lived with for all of my adult life. My cellulite is now something that I have come to accept. I doubt it’s going anywhere, especially as I age, so I may as well come to terms with it.  I have tried many over-the-counter remedies, some of which have helped, but did not remove my cellulite completely.

Here is a photo of cellulite.

320px-Dimpled_appearance_of_celluliteNot my personal cellulite, but close enough. Except mine is deposited more on my outer thighs. I was debating whether or not to go to the H and M change room and strip down to my bikini in the harsh fluorescent lighting and take a photo for this post (I find H and M lighting the worst) but I chickened out.

I will share tips that I have found helpful to reduce my cellulite. I personally do not feel you can get rid of cellulite all together, and it is very much in the genes (get it? In the “genes.” Am I still the only one laughing?)  I do believe it is possible to reduce and control with effective workouts and wise choices at the grocery store.

640px-Formation_of_CelluliteHere’s the heavy on my cellulite: First can I just say, look at the size of those fat cells on the unhealthy side. Those things are bigger than M and M’s! Too many M and M’s are probably what got them that size.

1. Diet: First things first. If I am downing the Merlot by the bottles and coffee in excess and saying yes too often to a super-size meal with extra fries, but rubbing firming cream on my thighs until my fingerprints come off, I will not get rid of my cellulite. Diet is key. When I am eating clean, unprocessed foods, especially lean meats and a lot of leafy greens, I notice my skin is smoother over all. A lot of water, at least two litres each day, helps as well. Water does aid the body from removing toxins. If I am being completely honest with myself,  if I omit coffee and alcohol all together, my results would be a lot better with the removal of toxins and orange peel reduction.strong>

2. Exercise: I have discovered that certain types of exercise decrease my cellulite more so than other types. Weight training has been the most effective for firming and tightening up my lower body. Squats, lunges and deadlifts have shaped my thighs and glutes like no other form of physical activity. Don’t be afraid to lift, ladies. It works. I personally find that cardio is effective, but intense interval training works best for me. Tabata, HIIT or Insanity, where you are doing such exercises as, burpees, foot ball sprints and jump squats for a certain time frame and then resting and repeating very effective for leaning and toning.

3. Creams and firming rubs: I haven’t tried everything on the market, but I have tried many anti-cellulite and skin firming rubs. For me, they all proved to have the same results. You must do these external treatments in conjunction with clean eating and exercise, or it is pretty much pointless. Consistency is also key. If the bottle instructs you to rub cream on area two times per day, make sure you do so for best results.

Those are the big factors to reduce my cellulite. A diet of fresh, unprocessed foods and movement.

As I said, I think my cellulitis malas is here to stay, but I’m now focusing on getting as strong and fit as I can and feeling good, as oppose to looking perfect. For me, life is about living and enjoying indulgences within reason. If that means I will be of the orange-peeled variety, I’m okay with that. In celebration of lovely lady lumps, I have called in some friends. Hit it Black Eyed Peas!

Any tips to share to reduce unsightly cellulity?

2 thoughts on “My Lady Lumps

  1. Why is it that I never see cellulite on men??! I agree with you, I think it’s tough to get rid of it completely and I think genetics have a lot to do with it. I’ve seen very fit, toned and skinny women with cellulite. I love your tips though and I think good ol’ diet and exercise are the best ways to minimize it!

    1. I’ve never seen cellulite on men. No fair! Lol. That’s so true. I’ve seen over weight women with virtually no cellulite, that’s why I think it is genetics. (Sorry mom)
      I just will have to work at it for all the days of my life. Thank goodness I love working out.

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