The Creature From the Gym Lagoon

I was reading a post from Dr. Lynn’s blog the other day and it gave me a chuckle. She was writing about how she takes a very minimalist approach to getting ready for the gym which included, splash cool water on face, brush teeth, grab gym bag and out the door. She even had a photo of Kim Kardashian side by side with Gollum from Lord of the Rings. The Kim K side said, Other girls at the gym, while Gollum’s side said Me. What creature could I describe myself as after a good, sweaty workout? She Wolf? Jack Nicholson from The Shining? A combination?

I can completely agree with Dr.Lynn when she says there is a time and place for worrying about your make-up, nails and hair, and the gym is not the place. Anyway, ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat! (please accept my apologies. That is my favorite saying now. When I like a saying I tend to say it or write it in excess.) For my early Saturday morning workouts my ablutions are exactly the same as Dr. Lynn’s. During the week, I go to the gym after work, so I am most likely wearing a light tinted moisturizer and a coat of mascara. By the time my workout is done any make-up still remaining from the day is running down my face and my hair is having a frizz fest from the sweat. I also make odd faces when pumping iron. I often wonder how funny I must look, so I took a few selfies to laugh at myself, because if you can’t laugh at yourself life is no fun.Ā  If the set is hard, I usually grit my teeth while grunting. I am pushing myself to new limits, and it shows on my face. So folks, without further adieu, the many faces of the creature from the gym Lagoon, or the guy from the Shining. (whatever your prefer.)

This is my grunting face when doing any heavy, mass building move, such as chess presses or military presses:


The is my “say what” face, usually reserved for group classes. Did she just say ten more burpees? Are you kidding me?

IMG_1715This is my, “I’m only at the 30 second mark” face when aiming for a two-minute killer plank and it feels as though a minute has passed:

Daddy's home! (you would have to have seen The Shining.)
Daddy’s home! (you would have to have seen The Shining.)

Saving the fairest for last. Please note, the next photo may not be suitable for young viewers, or the visually sensitive. I kid you not. My gym is in a mall, so to get back to my car, or the nearest exit entails some walking through the mall. Last week I was high-tailing it pass Target with my mascara down my face, hustling to get home and in the shower. A little lad and his mom came out of Target and we crossed paths. I couldn’t understand what he said as he was talking in his language (Urdu perhaps?), but he screamed in terror and pointed at me. His mom calmed him down with soothing words. I imagine the exchange was something along these lines:

Little Boy: “Ahhhhhh Mommy, I’m scared!”

Boy’s Mommy: “There, there Deepak, that’s not the monster that you think lives under your bed. That’s just a lady.”

So, I have saved the worst for last. My “it hurts” face when doing the Nike App core routine. No more leg raises. No, no, leg raises. I just can’t do it:

IMG_1718Don’t worry. I only come out during the daylight hours. šŸ˜‰

Happy Monday!

12 thoughts on “The Creature From the Gym Lagoon

  1. Loved this post! I too go to the gym after work and usually have on tinted moisturizer, but I just don’t know how girls can get sweaty with a full face of makeup caked on. I leave looking like the Lord of the Rings creature, but sweaty is sexy to me!

    1. Thanks.I don’t understand that full, fresh make-up when going to the gym. It’s one thing if it’s already on your face. I think I would look like Gollum if I was extra sweaty.

  2. Love this post so much I came by to see it again. It makes me smile + make faces! Trust me, nobody makes more faces than me when working out…I feel like a female “Jim Carey”. Im definately finished when I look like “the Shining”….still laughing šŸ™‚

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