Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

I was sitting in the lounge area of my gym perusing a trashy tabloid magazine, when a trainer and her client came in and sat on the sofa beside me. As I half-heartedly read about the Biebs getting into yet another scandal, I eavesdropped on the client-to-trainer conversation. That Biebs. Racist rants, prostitutes. How could you? You’re Stratford’s sweetheart.  JB, you are not representing Canada very well. But I digress. Forget about the Biebs, and back to my eavesdropping.

The client appeared to be discouraged. She said that, “I’m doing all the right things,”  sticking to her eating plan, working out three times per week, but she was unhappy with her results. While “pretending” to eye the Biebs up and down, I peeked over my magazine to take a look at the woman. I had seen her before and she had only been working out with her trainer for a few months. While she had her areas that she wanted to improve like we all do, I thought she was making great progress. The trainer confirmed my assessment of the client. She said, “*Jane, you’re doing great. Remember when you first started, you could barely do two burpees, now you’re doing ten. Your body mass index is down and you dropped another three pounds. You’ve got this!”  I couldn’t agree more with trainer. This client could barely do a star-jack without huffing and puffing, now she was doing burpees and step-ups like nobody’s business. Now that is progress.

Get ready for another one of my wonderful post summary conclusions, peeps, because here it comes. In all seriousness, you are not going to see physical results immediately, but that does not mean you are not making progress. Going from one burpee to ten is a big jump (no pun intended) in the right direction. Burpees are hard. I have been on my quest for a healthier and a fitter body for two plus years, and I am just now seeing the results that I have been working so hard for. I have made mistakes, over-ate and under-ate, did wrong exercises for what I wanted to achieve, and later learned how to implement the correct workout program. At times it felt as though I was starting from square one again and this was frustrating. However, over time, goals started to become present and real. Although fitting in those size whatever jeans is a part of the process, so is feeling great and feeling empowered by changing your lifestyle for the better. Rome wasn’t built in a day as the old saying reminds us, and building a stronger, fitter you will not happen overnight either. Like the beautiful mosaics, cathedrals and towers, success took time and determination, much like a life transformation does.

You think this happened overnight?

As the trainer excused herself to get the client’s program chart, I wondered if I should offer my two-cents worth of encouragement to *Jane.  She could either tell me to mind my own beeswax or she would appreciate my kindness. I decided to go for it. I love encouraging people, especially when it comes to staying on the fitness track.
“You look great,” I said. “I have seen you working out for a while now and I can really see how  fit you’re looking. Keep it up. You’ll get there.”
She stopped cradling her face in her hands, and sat up straight. “Really?” she asked. I nodded vigorously. “Thank-you so much,” she said.
“One day at time,” I smiled, putting down the tabloid and leaving the salacious antics of the Biebs to get to the spin studio and reserve my bike on time. “One day at a time.”

6 thoughts on “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

  1. So nice of you to encourage her! Sometimes you really need an outside opinion to really realize the obvious. I’m glad you were able to lift her spirit by only being kind and speak the truth.

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