Pull up Progress

Well folks, the pin on the assisted pull up machine moved up again. This means I am getting closer to my goal of one (yes, that’s right ONE) unassisted pull-up. The higher the pin edges upward, the less assistance I need from the machine and I am using more of my own body weight.

This pin stop used to be challenging. Now, it’s getting fairly easy:


This is pin stop is very challenging. (Aka, a whole lot of grunting, pulling and sweating):


I started a new pull up program a month ago, and I can feel that my strength has increased already. The program is the 3×3 program. You are pulling your weight up for three counts, holding at the top for three counts and then coming down on the negative for three counts. You start with 5 reps and work down to 1 rep. It is a lot harder than it seems and the last rep is difficult, especially the coming down for the three count finish. I got this method via a YouTube search and discovered personal trainer Shawna K. She gives very effective tips that are easy to follow for the novice and without a lot of jargon.

Here is a visual demonstration of the program hosted by Shawna K:

From my pull ups, I have also noticed Mr. Bicep peeping up to say hello a little more:

IMG_1650My shoulders have gained some mass, as well as two inches on my back width. Here is a photo I took today after the gym:IMG_1654Since I tweaked my diet last year, and added much more protein and a tad more carbohydrates and good fats, my goal of upper body mass is being met and I am looking less lanky above the waist and find my body is balancing out. I am feeling less a T-Rex and more a tigress. I may have to give this blog a new name and look. How does Unleash the Tigress sound? We will see how that goes. I simply feel like everything is finally coming together, and all that time at the gym and meal prepping is paying off. This is an ever evolving process and just goes to show that anyone can achieve this if they really want it.

Could victory soon be mine? Stay tuned folks. Things are looking “up.”


18 thoughts on “Pull up Progress

  1. Yay, yay, yay! I think Pull ups are SOOOO challenging. You are amazing and your muscles are looking awesome. I can’t wait until I’m not pregnant so I can work on achieving a pull up too. I’m definitely going to make that one of my goals. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Oh thank-you and glad I have inspired you! I am so excited to finally see some progress. I’m sure you’ll be able to do an unassisted pull up.

  2. Yep, I’m all for the name change as you change – the process continues. NICE WORK and definition in your upper body. You are such a great example of how patience and persistence certainly does pay off!

  3. Oh you dont know….Pull ups are my kryptonite. Oh how I struggle!!!! Its mental barrier with me…My PR is 1 unassisted. I hope that you get it done. Im cheering for you go tigress go!

    1. Thank-you! 1 unassisted is awesome. Congratulations to you! It takes a lot of strength. My problem is my upper body is the weaker part of my body. I’ll keep plugging at it. I’m stubborn. πŸ™‚

      1. Brace your whole body down to your toes stiff, and in mind envision pulling the bar down to you…instead of pulling yourself up. Be warned, once you get one…you know what comes next……2….in a row. Curse you kryptonite x2….(shakin my fist). You and I should start a club for stubborn chicks…we would have great membership numbers….no one would ever quit! Bahahaha !! anyways….YOU GOT THIS, pull up thing πŸ™‚

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